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I reviewed President Obama's remarks at the forum on women and the economy held at the White House on, curiously, Good Friday.

Nowhere in his remarks did Obama mention that his people met with a delegation from the Egyptian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood just this past week.  The Muslim Brotherhood presented their entire line of Spring fashion for women while staying in DC.

They offered the full length burka in "Midnight at the Oasis Black" and "Midnight in Inner City Detroit Black" and ......  I think that you get the idea.

Obama shines his spotlight right into the eyes of American women while supporting the Muslim Brotherhood's violent, repressive doctrines against women's rights in the Middle East, Malaysia, Africa and coming soon to a neighborhood near you in America.

Personally, I prefer the full length burka in black.  How about you?

John P. Kuchta, Jr. - Virginia Beach
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