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NORFOLK - - Norfolk City Council Wednesday perpetuated the dependent 'slave mentality' of the community's black population. Because the promoters of Afr'am -  a contrived 27 YO event displaying black behavior in a music and arts setting at Town Park - ignored the signs that declining attendance over the years also meant declining revenues and went in debt.  They looked to the council to pull their butts out of the hole. Because they signed a contract to hire city employees off duty to provide security, at a higher price than the City Council hired for the non-race oriented HarborFest.  The black organizers whined when they couldn't meet payroll. They wanted city help because they couldn't meet their labor contract obligations! And what was the first thing they did?  Blame the city of Norfolk, not the fact the event is beyond its purpose and usefulness.  Many educated, middle, upper class blacks say they wouldn't be caught dead at the event. But the most distressing thing of all, the majority white Norfolk council feeling guilt because the black promoters paid $32/hour for security and the non-race HarborFest only paid $25/hour gave in to the inequity. The signal they sent was: "Well, you all blacks didn't know better.  You all blacks didn't know that a contract is a contract, not to be modified after the fact just because you fail to meet your obligations. And you paid more than the city did (out of your own stupidity) so yes, 'we'll ante up a grant for $11,000 to help make up the difference between the two pay scales." As dire as the city's budget was.  As dire as the economic situation is. The City Council shelled out the money of other nonparticipating citizens to bail out this racist event. Is it any wonder when their children get in trouble or need anything, all they have to do is play the race card to get a pass? Give us a break! The people of Norfolk would be more than justified in firing all members of council who used their taxes to pay for this 'black cultural event.'
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