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There's an app for that! And that! And That! Some are fun and games, Some are informative.  Red Laser can save you money.  Even hundreds of dollars. Want to know the cheapest price of an item? Where can you get the best deal for a purchase. Get Red Laser - an iPhone app.  It will scan bar codes, search the Internet, local stores, and even public libraries can help you . Virginia Beach City Councilman Bill DeSteph was recently in the market for a 52-inch flat panel TV. He found what he wanted at Best Buy - the sales price was $2,900. DeSteph pulled out his iPhone, scanned the bar code and the same item sold elsewhere for as  little as $2,100. Since Best Buy price matches, he showed the sales personnel his iPhone Red Laser results and he walked out of Best Buy with the TV for $2,100 - an $800 savings for the price of a simple $1.99 iPhone application. Several stores price match so you don't have to go from one to the other to prove pricing. Not a bad deal. But there are many other uses. In Walgreen's recently the store's own brand of tri-buffered aspirin was listed on the shelf for $6.99. The Red Laser price came up $6.29. When that was pointed out to the manager, the Red Laser price was accepted - a 70-cent saving. It will also tell you if you're getting a good deal. At a Dollar Tree, Gillette's 2 pack of blue men's soap sold for $1.00. Red Laser couldn't find anything cheaper. In fact the same item was selling at other stores for as much as $4.29. So $1 was a good deal. Not only will Red Laser search books, but if local libraries have them available it will tell you which ones. Another great feature is it will tell you how many web-based sources there are of a product and the price of each.  If locally available, it will tell you where,  then it'll tell you how far you are from the source of the product and give you a map how to get there. Not bad for $1.99. But wait, there's more: Lets say Red Laser doesn't have the product in its database, a special window pops up with a camera asking you to photograph the product. Push a button and upload it on the spot to Red Laser's database. Red Laser won't notify you directly following the photo, but at some future point, Red Laser will put out an upgrade and your products will be included. Recently, Red Laser was tested on Gillette Shampoo, Deep Cleaning, 12.2 fl. oz. bottle: It didn't give any local sources, but on the web, the same bottle of shampoo ranged in price from $3.99 at to $34.28 at What a deal? Huh? There are some quirks in the system. If it won't scan an item because of glare or some other problem, you have an option of typing in the bar code number and searching. Also it doesn't usually have proprietary products such as BJ's, Sam's, and Costco's own brands, but you can take a picture and upload it. You never know just how clever these 'app' designers are in making them work better later. Questions? Email
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