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Moe's Best Chowder 'n Mexican Cornbread As this weekend's winter storm approached Tidewater, our minds turned to hot clam chowder and Mexican cornbread. Since I have the best recipes in the world, I was selected to be the disaster days' cook. Nothing taste better when coming from playing in the snow as hot soup and hot, spicy cornbread. So I went to the store early Friday and stocked up:  2- 51 ounce cans of chopped ocean clams from BJs (other wholesale type stores have similar versions); a brick of sharp Cheddar cheese.  A pre-shopping inventory showed I already had celery, garlic, onions, potatoes and the other ingredients. The work began.  Peeling, slicing, dicing;  preparation for smooth cooking session. Within an hour the warming scents of blended spices, onions, garlic, and clams was wafting through the houses, bringing everyone into the kitchen for a look and sniff as they passed through the house. Next came Moe's Best Mexican Cornbread.  This a a jazzed up version of the bland stuff many people call Mexican cornbread.  I can used basic cornmeal and baking powder, etc., but the best I've found is Autrey's cornbread mix (available in white or yellow) which is use as the base for the recipe. I then add my other ingredients, garlic, salsa, jalapenos peppers, green peppers, onions, shredded cheddar cheese. The baking cornbread added another enticing odor to that of the Chowder attracting more gawkers crowding through the kitchen. 32 minutes later when the bread came out, I had to grab the assault rifle to keep the tasters and nibblers away until serving time, which came with an icy cold Yuengling Original Draft Lager beer. Hey, I could live with this every other week. Want to try the recipes?  Click on links below: Moe's Best Clam Chowder Moe's Best Mexican Cornbread
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