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VIRGINIA BEACH (December 2, 2010) - - WikiLeaks is a blessing.  Government is corrupt.  It uses legitimate secrecy mechanisms, such as security classifications,  like ‘Secret’  ‘Top Secret’ to hide its corruption from the citizens and trample the 1st Amendment. WikiLeaks has done Americans and the world a service.  Nobody has been or will be hurt physically by the leaked information. Hurt will be egos, pride, and lost cover for stupid acts. What might be deemed OK from someone else's perspective might be criminal in another's.  Transparency is the only way to know for sure.  We want to see government at work, not hiding behind some classification system. Government has to learn it isn’t OK for cover unfortunate, misfortunate, embarrassing, and criminal acts with the National Security Classification system.  That wasn’t its intent. The intent was to legitimately allow government to keep certain functions secret for a reasonable time period - not forever from the public. No government should have the power to make such sweeping and unaccountable determinations without yearly review and reclassification. That’s why a government that governs less is best. VNS believes governments during the past 50 − 100 years or more have used the ‘secrecy’ system to willy, nilly trample on the First Amendment of the Constitution. Trust us:  The fact that Hillary Clinton stirred in a pile of camel dung to find the prime minister’s credit card does not justify a state secret. Support WikiLeaks - they are doing no harm to the public.  It's simply exposing fallibility of stupid government behavior.
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