VIRGINIA BEACH (August 10, 2010) - - Just pondering:   Who's yo daddy?  Did Obama's daddy (a part time sex toy for his white mama for a short while) really serve in World War II as the president claimed?  Is oral sex cheaper than a haircut?  Can a Christian-educated at religious entertainer Pat Robertson's Regent University be the largest booze seller in the state? Can government really run a railroad? Those are just some questions people ask.  They come from the Internet, the barber and the news media.  Some of them stick around for a few hours each day, some longer, but not all for real long. President Obama, in talking about veteran services and need to support them, told the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials on June 28, 2008 that his father served in World War II and when he came home he got the veteran services he needed, including treatment for PSTD.  (See YouTube His father born in 1936 would have only been 5 years old when WW II started and less than 10 years old when it ended.  Obama lied?  Or simply 'mis-spoke?' Most of us believe he probably lied.  Snopes, an Obama apologist organization, chalks it up to he mis-spoke.  You can listen to the his speech on YouTube and make up your own mind. Oral sex cheaper than a haircut?  My barber said it was! I went the cheap route and decided to try a 'regular' barber shop instead of a fancy-smancy stylist I usually went to, a couple months back.  Hadn't been in such a place since I was a child when it was 2-bits for a shave and a haircut (and I was too young for the shave). There was foreign female barber, possibly Filipino, open and I was her next victim. Being noted for big mouth and no forethought, I flippantly quipped, "Hair cut $5?" Without missing a beat, she said, "Oral Sex, $5.  Haircut $15."  "Lets proceed with the haircut," I replied. Big Mac, our GOP governor, who once had a problem of trying to determine if  he had ever experienced oral sex, came out of Regent University - a devout Christian lawyer. Like down in the Bible belt where the Southern Baptists were in a conspiracy with bootleggers and 'shine runners' that kept us good ole hillbillies 'dry,' it's hard to believe that Big Mac has to tour the state to dump its liquor industry. Cretins fear it is going to cause liquor stores to be 'seeded' on every  corner of every city, county, and town.  Who cares?  If they can't make money, they'll shut down on their own.  For the rest us, it'll offer competitive prices. And no!  No government in the U.S. can run a railroad. In Norfolk, the executive black director who was trying to build a 'light rail' monument to himself was so incompetent that he allowed the project to go over budget $108 MILLION in 1-year and get a year behind completion schedule because he was 'black' and everybody was afraid to challenge him. They finally gave him a wealthy 'black' parachute to go away.  It was cheaper than a prolonged discrimination court fight they were sure he'd launch against Hampton Roads Transit if they'd didn't buy him off. So now, new management is swamped with trying to correct everything from engineering mistakes to personnel matters. And Washington's Metro which has had numerous problems, has asked the National Transportation Board to tell it how it can prevent fatal accidents.  I have an idea:  Turn it over to private industry or park the trains. Ain't it fun to ponder stuff?

On VA Route 40, west of Stoney Creek

During a recent trip through the back roads of Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina I found my mind wandering to earlier days. Here and there I found dilapidated 'country' stores, long closed by economic pressures of modern day shopping, giving way to the ravages of time and weather. These stores along the Middle Atlantic states were to the community what the 'juke' joints were to the Mississippi Delta  These famed old juke joints existence is slowly dying out from modern entertainment around casino country. But they were the place to be in their day.  In the deep south, always great fried fish, hush puppies, cold beer, the lonesome music of the blues with maybe dancing and a little gambling. In the country stores, it was much the same.  A place for the locals to gather, swap farm and crop stories, gossip and speculate why the constable's car went by so fast last night.

North of McKinney on VA Route 40

You could get a piece of thick sliced bologna or cheese, served across the counter on two pieces of cracker - in 4-unit pieces or a moon pie and a cold RC Cola or Big Orange. There wasn't much dancing, but in the evenings the good ole boys would come by with their banjos, guitars, maybe a fiddler and there'd be picking' 'n singing on the porch or around a pot bellied stove in the middle to the store in the winter time. In TN beer or booze was out in such establishments - thanks to the  Southern Baptist church folks' support of the moonshiners and bootleggers. They joined hands to defeat every vote attempting to approve the sale of beer or wine,  It kept the bootleggers happy and in business and the Baptists could go to church slapping each other on the back for another defeat of legalized booze. After the country store closed in the evenings,  the younger hangers on would pile into the cars, drive down the road to a house sitting down a long drive, park under a huge tree in the back yard, out of sight of the main road, and the bootlegger would sent someone out to take your order and your money. Then filling themselves with the spirit(s), the car'd park along a lonely back road and the tales would get wilder and the music louder until time to head home.  Nobody ever came by to bother them. Those were horrible old days, but I can't help but miss them when I drive by a closed country store.

Nye at Democrat breakfast

VIRGINIA BEACH - - 2nd District Rep. Glenn Nye is running for re-election.  And he appears to be running scared. At a Democrat breakfast appearance Saturday, his campaign handlers were totally unprofessional and the appearance, while it didn't come unglued, it was certainly rusty around the edges. The red meat attack on his opponent, promised in a city committee email announcing Nye's appearance, failed to materialize. The announcement said, "Also come learn more about millionaire car salesman Scott Rigell’s pro-Cuccinelli agenda and why we must win in November." To begin the meeting two staffers sought to stifle media coverage of by asking the city Democrat chairwoman Susan Mariner, a very nice, attractive woman, to ban media recording of Nye's remarks. Ms. Mariner said, "The request was made by his press staffer because she is very nervous and this is her first campaign." Informed that VNS would leave the meeting or would force the Democrats to throw us out before we would refrain from recording the event. Mariner said, "The Republicans don't allow you to record."  The editor replied, "I have been in the media since 1960 and I have never been banned or asked to not record a meeting. "In fact,"  he replied, "the Republicans encourage the media's participation." Mariner said she didn't know what to do as the deadline for starting Nye's presentation passed. VNS sought out Nye's handlers, press girl Jennifer Koch, and Eric Anderson, identified as political advisor. The editor explained and Ms. Koch said they would arrange an after the event interview or anything if the media didn't record the meeting. VNS stated that it had never honored such a request at a public meeting.  Ms. Koch lamely said, "This isn't  a public meeting."  It was quickly pointed out that it was a public meeting, the public had been invited, and Nye is a big boy and public figure capable to operating in a media environment. It was also pointed out that as X-2nd District Rep. Owen Pickett's press representative that the editor had 'written' the PR game book that Nye is trying to follow except in trying to censor the media.  Nye thanked the editor for that. At that point, 15 minutes past starting time, the editor asked Nye, "Do you have any objection to our recording the meeting?"  Nye tossed it back to Ms. Mariner.  "It's Susan's call," he said and when pressed refused to change his position. At that point the editor again talked with Mariner.  "What would you do if this was WAVY or WTKR television?"  "We'd do the same thing," Mariner said. VNS then told Ms. Mariner, since she continued to waffle, "We are going to record the meeting and to stop us, you'll have to throw us out." The whole media debacle was just rough, unprofessional, amateurish and Ms. Mariner admitted that she had no policy. Nye obviously modified his planned remarks with a slight display of annoyance and made no controversial comments about his opponents nor about substantiative issues. He abruptly ended his remarks and departed.  An attempt to talk with him was refused by his staff on the grounds 'he's in a hurry to leave.'

Armpit shows Nye's stress

The editor got the distinct impression that without his people having total control, Nye was unsure of himself and ill at ease. The building was well air-conditioned, but Nye was sweating profusely, soiling the armpits of his shirt. VNS' impression?  Nye will try to avoid all confrontation with any opponents by rejecting debates; will only appear before soft, supportive audiences, where his staff can have control. He doesn't appear to have the confidence to expose himself, his comments, or his positions to a mixed party or objective audience where he can't control the environment or questions. He seems like a really nice guy, but unwilling to debate his opponents.  Watch and lets see.
NORFOLK - - Norfolk City Council Wednesday perpetuated the dependent 'slave mentality' of the community's black population. Because the promoters of Afr'am -  a contrived 27 YO event displaying black behavior in a music and arts setting at Town Park - ignored the signs that declining attendance over the years also meant declining revenues and went in debt.  They looked to the council to pull their butts out of the hole. Because they signed a contract to hire city employees off duty to provide security, at a higher price than the City Council hired for the non-race oriented HarborFest.  The black organizers whined when they couldn't meet payroll. They wanted city help because they couldn't meet their labor contract obligations! And what was the first thing they did?  Blame the city of Norfolk, not the fact the event is beyond its purpose and usefulness.  Many educated, middle, upper class blacks say they wouldn't be caught dead at the event. But the most distressing thing of all, the majority white Norfolk council feeling guilt because the black promoters paid $32/hour for security and the non-race HarborFest only paid $25/hour gave in to the inequity. The signal they sent was: "Well, you all blacks didn't know better.  You all blacks didn't know that a contract is a contract, not to be modified after the fact just because you fail to meet your obligations. And you paid more than the city did (out of your own stupidity) so yes, 'we'll ante up a grant for $11,000 to help make up the difference between the two pay scales." As dire as the city's budget was.  As dire as the economic situation is. The City Council shelled out the money of other nonparticipating citizens to bail out this racist event. Is it any wonder when their children get in trouble or need anything, all they have to do is play the race card to get a pass? Give us a break! The people of Norfolk would be more than justified in firing all members of council who used their taxes to pay for this 'black cultural event.'
Ben Loyola


The founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party Monday endorsed GOP's Ben Loyola for congress in a move that could test the new activists' political horsepower. Karen Miner Hurd said Loyola best represents the principles of conservatives that Tea Partiers like her represent. The Tea Party officials either know something about Loyola's strength at the polls that we don't, or Ms. Hurd is putting her neck on the line which in effect will test Tea Party strength in Tidewater. Win or lose, the results will be interpreted as being for or against the Tea Party. Either way June 8's primary is going to get real interesting. Loyola was born in Cuba.  His family fled the repressive communist government of Fidel Castro when he was a baby. Loyola loathes socialism and Obama's brand of Obummerism.  A self-made successful entrepreneur, Loyola is a patriot whose voice cracks and eyes begin to tear up as he talks of his love for America and the U.S. Constitution. A grad of the U.S. Navy Academy, he is a retired Navy pilot who unflinchingly supports the military. His beliefs, background, and campaign pushes all of the Tea Party's hot button. His closest opponent pollsters believe is car dealer Scott Rigell, anointed as the GOP's establishment candidate. Rigell has taken heat from hardcore right-wingers for a $1,000 contribution to Obama, support for 22% sales tax hike and a system of an regional government that would have given taxing power to an unelected. Nevertheless Rigell has corralled a number of top Republican endorsements, nationally, statewide, and locally. Even Gov. Bob McDonnell has endorsed Rigell in the primary race.  This reporter has covered VA politics since 1966 and is unable to recall a single time a sitting governor has gotten involved in local politics openly before a nominee has been selected. Asked if those kind of endorsement deviations are indicative of problems with Rigell campaign, a top official said, "The top is a little shaky."  Asked if he'd ever known of a previous incident of a sitting governor getting involved in a local campaign, he replied, "Never." Loyola and Rigell are in a 6-way race for the June 8 primary.  Other candidates are Scott Taylor, Bert Mizusawa, Ed Maulbeck, and Jessica Sandlin. The winner of that contest will not only face Democrat 1st term incumbent Glenn Nye, but Kenny Golden, former chairman of the local GOP, who because  he felt the party deck had been stacked against him, dropped out of the primary to run as an independent. He's yearning for a Rigell victory because he thinks he'll easily overwhelm both him and Nye. A recent push poll for Rigell only included Loyola and Mizusawa among the questions asked about Rigell. There's no question Rigell has party's national support, more than adequate funding, and is the recipient of professional party grooming and training. The rank and file Republicans cover the spectrum.  Many support Rigell, but just as many are opting for Loyola and Taylor, rebelling against what they feel is unnatural national and state party interference.
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