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DAW Award

VIRGINIA BEACH (October 3, 2010) - - How Virginia News Source came to give Virginia Beach Mayor Will(ing) Sessoms its “Dumb Ass of the Week’ Award. Or how personnel mismanagement killed a homeless dude on the beach and Sessoms’ is making taxpayers atone for it.


Here’s how the concept development Last Friday a pizza delivery driver hit and killed a 3 YO Aragona boy who was lying in the roadway. Earlier a TV fell from the shelves at Walmarte′, killing a 6 YO who was trying to climb the stack of television cartons. Both companies acted like the City of Virginia Beach:  The pizza company raised the price of pizzas from $10 each to $20 each.  Walmarte′ added $100 to each TV sold. No action was taken against any employee in either case. The pizza driver said the 3 YO was wearing a black diaper and he didn’t see him until it was all over. Walmarte′ said it was going to teach the employee how to better stack television cartons on the display floor. To cover any future losses it said it implemented the two price increase policies. But Jack Smith said, “I didn’t have anything to do with falling televisions, why do I have to pay $100 more for my set?” Walmarte spokesperson said, “Well, we felt bad the accident happened and we are going to use part of the price increase to send climbing gyms to parks in poor housing areas so children can learn to climb properly.” The pizza company used the same logic:  We feel bad about killing the baby, so we are going to use part of the increase to buy fluorescent orange disposable diapers for everyone on the subdivision so neglected children will be easier to spot lying in roadways. Virginia Beach Mayor Will(ing) Sessoms saw the story and suddenly his ‘chrome’ dome lit up like a comet in the night sky. “I’ve got it,”  he told City Council.  “You guys know we are immune from suits, like the homeless dude our trash truck driver killed on the beach?  We are. “That poor bloke’s family can’t legally get a penny from us. It’s called sovereign immunity.  And thank God it exists, because no matter how careless and reckless we are or out employees are, we can thumb our noses and say, ‘nanny, nanny, boo boo.’ “But boys and girls I tell you what lets do.  I know all of us feel badly about this.  It really wasn’t the poor truck driver’s fault.  Yeah, I know she didn’t have a perfect driving record, but driving on the beach?  What the hell could happen? “We need to atone for our employee’s bad performance and whacking of that old guy.  I have an idea. Let’s build shelters - homes -  for male and female homeless people (otherwise they might re-produce if the lived under the same roof and got drunk or high) - separate but equal  - great concept.  Government schools did it for years. “Nobody can criticize us for that kind of atonement,” Will(ing) Sessoms told the council. “Er, mayor where’re we getting this money?” the councilman asked. “Well we are going to pull it out of our ass - -  another special reserve fund - - and we’ll replace it next year with a hidden little tax or fee increase someone.  They taxpayers won’t even notice it.” Councilman David, a mobile phone guru, bubbled up and said, “Since we're already losing so much utility tax money by people discontinuing land lines  and using cell phones, we could add 1-¢ a month to the cell phone bills and nobody’d ever know it, mayor.” “Brilliant,” said Will(ingress), “absolutely brilliant." Beachfront Councilman Urine said, roaring with laughter, “Absolutely.  The taxpayers can pay for our mismanagement, carelessness, our ‘grief’ for offing an old homeless dude, and our atonement. “I don’t want to sound callous, but it we could put that driver in a higher truck with less visibility, maybe we could get rid of a lot more trash that hangs at the beach.  Our atonement would already be in place. “Mayor, you just can’t believe the quality of people we have on the sand these days.  A loss of any of them would be no loss to us, trust me. And the taxpayers will pay for our atonement.” “Great idea, John,” Will(ing) snickered.  Anybody object? “Git ‘er done!” the mayor  roared tickled over his own brilliance!  The council didn't object.  Even the taxpayers didn’t object.  VNS' objects. So for that great philosophy and policy of Mayor Will(ing) Sessoms, he receives Virginia News Source’ “Dumb Ass of the Week” Award, shared by the citizens of the city who let him get away with it.  Salute to All!
VIRGINIA BEACH - - It ain't gonna to be Mayor Will Sessoms: Who ya  gonna call when you want somebody to save your tax dollars?  Why Vice Mayor Louis Jones and Councilman Bill DeSteph - that's who. Jones & DeSteph went head to head Monday with HRT chief Phil Shucet over HRT's attempt to get Virginia Beach citizens to help fund Norfolk's light rail study costs.  They saved the taxpayers of Virginia Beach almost $250,000 in 1-brief meeting Monday morning.  They're the heroes of the day. Shucet withdrew the request deciding to take the funds out of HRT's own pockets after Jones told him he needed to find the money 'in house' instead of looking for it from resort city taxpayers. While Jones and DeSteph were fighting to prohibit Virginia Beach tax dollars from going to Norfolk's grossly and criminally mismanaged light rail project, what was Mayor Sessoms doing? He was trying to break the arms of other members of council to get them to vote to give the money away.  Never once did Sessoms challenge the legality and integrity of the HRT request. Instead Sessoms was working feverishly trying to force his colleagues to vote approval of the request.  Of Shucet's turn around after meeting DeSteph & Jones,  Sessoms said, "That to me is HRT building credibility pretty quick." The resort city's stupidest mayor, who had been rallying council members to approve the money doesn't have the ability to be a leader! DeSteph on the other hand, went after the alleged documents City Manager Jim Spore's staff said required approval of the payment  to Norfolk. All DeSteph and Jones found was a 15-page document, negotiated and signed by Spore in 1999, but never approved by city council.  And  even if  it had been legally executed,  it did not require the beach to pay for any Norfolk study. It limited participating funding to capital 'acquisitions' such as …"vehicles, administration and maintenance facilities, bus stop signs, bus shelters, computer systems." The project is now sitting on almost $108 MILLION in cost overruns in 1-year.  The original document - HRT's grant application for light rail - states that any costs over $50 MILLION in federal grants have to be paid by NORFOLK - not Virginia Beach and the other cities. It cries out for a federal investigation to determine where $108 MILLION - Plus went, where, when, to whom, why, and did it disappear legally or illegally.  Only then can the corrupt, mismanaged agency restore its credibility.  Not from more shenanigans like this in conspiracy with an incompetent mayor who can't see past his nose. This has caused some to wonder, whether the project may not force Norfolk into bankruptcy or at least trash its credit rating. No member of the Virginia Beach city council except Jim Wood, HRT's chairman, and DeSteph have seen or read the governing documents. Sessoms was ready, willing and able to give away his city's tax dollars to a project - way over cost and behind schedule - without EVER SEEING THE DOCUMENTS GOVERNING VIRGINIA BEACH'S RESPONSIBILITIES AND OBLIGATIONS,  That should constitute malfeasance and be prosecuted by the Commonwealth's attorney. [Just in case:  Did any of you read the preceding paragraph? Read it again.] In fact, Wood had been unable to obtain a copy of the original grant document himself, even as chairman, because the X-dirtbag HRT administrator REFUSED to give it to him, until it was requested by Virginia News Source. It is hard to believe that as chairman of the board, you have no control over your employees - except for the fact that X-chief Michael Townes screams "racism" every time he is questioned about something he wants to hide or fails to perform to normal, acceptable, responsible standards. He had the board scared to death to challenge him one board member told VNS. But now he's gone.  A new day has dawned, but not without lingering storm clouds that only a federal investigation can drive away.
March 13, 2000 - -  Unfortunately our original tipster was right. Integrity and Ethically - Challenged Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms who's admitted twice publicly that he lied to get votes during the campaign by saying he favored a light rail referendum - screwed the taxpayers to the wall for $20,000 to get a state of the city speech produced that our Cairn terrier could have done for a lot less! He is a despicable piece humanity, mouthing, meaningless words of a PR firm after little more than 2 months in office at a price that would take the real estate property taxes of at least 11 homeowners, paying taxes on homes assessed at $200,000, a year to pay. We challenge Sessoms to prove us wrong! The City's top PR skirt refused to return calls from VNS! Oooops! Why? Doesn't know how to operate the telephone? PR incompetence? Can't answer the questions truthfully without getting in trouble? Didn't want to confirm our story. This poor excuse for director of an office that spends almost $3 million or more a year on propaganda maybe needs to be sent packing if she can't do the job honestly and with integrity. Oooops her leaders have none of that to demonstrate. Oh well, the city was given a chance to provide correct data, but didn't.
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