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  RINO Supreme VIRGINIA BEACH (August 16, 2010) - - On Saturday, in a display of candor (and stupidity?) senior Virginia Beach Del. Bob Purkey acknowledged what many conservative Republicans and others have been saying all along: There is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.  They are all peas in the same political pod.  That's why government is corrupt, inefficient, and doesn't work for the benefit of the people. Purkey, long described as arrogant, hot-tempered, self-important, told the GOP weekly breakfast that a dollar is a dollar:  Not Republican dollars.  Not Democrat dollars.  Just a bottom-line political dollar$$$. The wrong message for the intelligent young minds of 2 tables of students from Princess Anne High School who were attending. While admitting no credibility as a Republican and admitting he plays political footsie, financed, and even voted for Democrats, just to 'get along,' Purkey did score points for candor. But no points for valor or integrity or honor.  Some say it is senility catching up. That while he made a little speech supporting GOP contributions, support, and compromise with Democrats at the expense of integrity and morale values of the party, he simply displayed the falsehoods he's wrapped himself in over the decades as a Republican.


He fell on his sword trying to defend GOP 2nd District Congressional candidate Scott Rigell who donated $1,000 to Obama, said he was impressed by Obama's rhetoric, his campaign language, and to keep Queen Hillary Clinton from getting the Democrat nomination.  Rigell has also supported other lesser, state level Democrats. Purkey said people in business and politics have to do that for their survival - not the people's survival. For the most part Rigell's contribution to Obama and other Democrats had been off the radar screen.  If Purkey thought he was the 'Lone Ranger' helping Rigell out by stepping out front on this issue again, he was terribly wrong. This is the last thing the Rigell campaign wanted brought back to the forefront, where staunch, conservative core Republicans have already abandoned him and middle of the roaders in the party are having second thoughts. Independent Congressional Candidate Kenny Golden was head of the Virginia Beach GOP before resigning to run for Congress, first as a Republican. When he determined the GOP national machine was covertly backing Rigell to the detriment of the other 8 in the GOP primary race, Golden dropped out as a Republican candidate and filed as an independent, refusing to be part of the GOP's candidate fodder for appearance sake. At neighborhood affairs and 'town halls,' Golden is attracting more and more supporters with his plain talking message directed at  conservatives, disgruntled Republicans and Democrats. So far neither Rigell nor the incumbent, Democrat Rep. Glenn Nye are giving him any help.  Rigell claiming Golden is a fleeting 'outside candidate' who doesn't deserve recognition by being elevated to a debate platform, has refused to debate Nye if Golden is included. Nye is using the opposite argument to avoid confrontation with Rigell and Golden by saying he won't participate in a debate unless GOLDEN IS INCLUDED. Using these tactics to dodge debate among major party candidates sets both of them up as weaklings, cowards who would both be 'demolished,' as some say, if there was a 3-way debate with Golden in the middle. Nye is hoping to win on his 'conservative' Democrat record - voting for most GOP-approved issues, except the election of Nancy Pelosi for House Speaker. Rigell has hitched his campaign wagon behind the GOP national professional machinery, great monied ad campaign, and staying below the public radar by not engaging in any potentially dangerous confrontation situation. A 3-way debate is scheduled Aug. 19 from 7-8:30 p.m. in the Princess Anne High Auditorium, sponsored by the Citizens Advisory Committee for the 3rd Police Precinct.  No evidence anyone except Golden will show. The Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance, which has traditionally hosted candidate forums in congressional races is also planning for a joint event.  Any candidate who doesn't show will be represented by name tag and empty chair. Questions will be addressed to the empty chairs and answers will be 'candidate so-and-so refused to answer.' We are still a long way from the November election.
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