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VIRGINIA BEACH (November 23, 2010) - - We recently logged a rant about the TSA for its sexual molestation under the guise of national security. I'd personally rather risk being among 3,000 killed in a new terrorist attack in the U.S. than to give up my rights under the Constitution. Would you ever have believed your government would sanction sexual molestation of its law abiding citizens?  While at the same time it hunts down whackos who have a picture of a naked kid on their computer? I have just spent a week walking the hallowed grounds where our freedom was won more than 230 years ago under harsh, deadly conditions.   Reliving the terrors of yesteryear has to bring a tear to your eye if you care anything at all about our country and why so many of our ancestors died in the name of freedom. If you don’t care you need your ‘junk’ manhandled by a government paid molester. If you do care, you should rebel.  You should act to force the government to cancel this unconstitutional violation of the 4th Amendment. If you don’t the invasive abuses continue to expand, will continue; next they’ll want to slip a finger in your body cavities. Let us be perfectly honest:  Giving up our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and rights is not worth the prospect of another terror attack. There’s not terror attack - NONE - that can justify destruction of our Constitution. We’d rather run the risk of another 9-11 - with all the ensuing deaths - than to see us sit passively by and allow this corrupt, criminal government steal our rights using the ‘terror’ excuse. Contact all your legislators and let them know:  You like the government feel up or you don’t.
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