VNS publisher only one is U.S. to accurately predict Trump win by a landslide.  On October 26, the following analysis was forwarded to a select group of VNS readers and supporters.

The publisher does not use historical data, fancy maps, or statistical charts.  He samples the voters’ attitudes and actions to make such calls.  

During the late 60s and early 70s, it was not uncommon to be able to accurately predict winners and loser in election fights between the dominant Kellam/Bryd Machine candidates and challengers despite polls to the contrary.

That same tactic was used in predicting this year’s presidential race and publisher Morris Rowe beat all the national pollsters and UVA political guru Larry Sabato in calling Trump’s landslide win.

This is published not to boast, but to illustrate has biased and corrupt the MSM was (and still is).

The prediction as it was written and emailed out on Oct. 26 follows: 


"I may be 100% off-base, but I sense a possible, in fact likely, Trump landslide coming. 

"It has been proved that the main stream media is totally biased against Trump, as is the Republican and Democrat establishment in Washington. This has left many of the voters unhappy.  Trump has a lot to overcome, but the people seem to be with him. Can the Electoral College votes be rigged  to steal the election? I guess anything is possible, but unlikely. And the Clintons are among the most criminal, corrupt political machine in the nation. Therefore it will take a landslide vote to assure a Trump victory. 

"There is no question in my mind that the main stream media is rigging the poll reporting. For example, most of the frequently reported polls are based on sampling between 600 and 1,200 respondents. Some of the media have admitted some polls are skewed overwhelmingly toward the Democrats. 

"I did run across an independent poll that was not reported widely in the media. It sampled, according to the source, 1000 voters in each of the 50 states - it was divided 33% Democrats, 33% Republicans, and the balance were independents. The results of that poll gave Trump 67%, and Hillary 38%. See Poll story from Roll Call: 

"Based on the emails I get daily from the various campaigns and surrogates, there appears to be a lot of fear and anxiety among the Democrats. (I’m on everybody’s email list.) I also take into consideration that where Trump has consistently drawn rally crowds in excess of  20,000, Hillary does good to draw 600-2,000 – – and even those are a big numbers for her.Click READ MORE below for rest of the story 


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by Editor: 

Self-described as professional muckrakers, politically incorrect, and equal opportunity offenders, Virginia News Source launched on a bright sunny day, May 1, 2001 reporting the city was violating its own zoning law. The same sign law it had been prosecuting its citizens for by erecting a huge illegal billboard on Mt. Trashmore facing the Interstate advertising “Virignia Beach Open Buy.Com” golf tournament. 

VNS photographed the billboard @ 8:55 a.m., called anti-sign Councilwoman Reba McClanan at 9:15 a.m. Called City Manager Jim Spore’s secretary who tried to say the city had an exemption because it was a city sponsored event, but zoning enforcement officer Kevin Hershberger said, “We don’t believe the city can do this….It is illegal and we have ordered it down. By noon, the sign was being removed.  Score one for VNS & the citizens who’d been fined for similar illegal signs. 

More recently VNS did an investigation that cleared former House candidate Scott Taylor and current Congressman-elect of charges he was engaged in drug and prostitution by operatives of a political opponent. The VNS investigation and stories assured Taylor's election to the House of Delegates and set him up for a successful defamation suit against the perpetrators. 

VNS went on to report on the birthplace of country music, and was the only media present at the late, great Johnny Cash’s final public appearance and performance; exposed beach police illegally spyed on opponents of a proposed $55 MILLION captive dolphin tank, including running a pix of the ‘undercover cop’ sent in undercover to spy - the project failed and no dolphins were captured, but not before VNS exposed the city illegally destroyed court documents in the case. 

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As Virginia News Source prepares to sign off, we can’t do that without noting that the publisher and VNS and the staff actively opposed Norfolk’s and the area’s establishment politicians’ and crooks’ attempt to jam light rail down the throats of the citizens of Virginia Beach at all costs from the very beginning. 

That effort was soundly defeated in last Tuesday’s election by 57% of the voters. 

The campaign was built on LIES by corrupt politicians, bureaucrats and news media:

  1. Light rail was never about transportation - all studies showed it would not reduce traffic by 1 vehicle  
  2. The development was only to benefit the politically-connected crooked politicians and  developers - not the public - the public was never a consideration for planners
  3. Norfolk's original plan over-projected ridership - never likely to pay for costs - without major subsidies
  4. And it under projected costs by millions to illegally get state and federal dollars and SUCK in the public 

When Norfolk realized what a loser it had, it immediately tried to sell the project to beach voters - through the city’s crooked, self-serving politicians, as a great deal to get financial help for Norfolk’s financial failure.  It would have been a great deal, but only for the politicians and their money-grubbing, tax-dollar stealing friends and developers

The likes of former councilman Robert Dean, his merry band of tax protectors, and Johnny-Come-Lately city treasurer, John Atkinson, are the real heroes for the people - not the pro-light rail group headed by convicted criminal, Mayor Will Sessoms - they are all just disappointed thieves

And oh, yeah, The Virginian-Pilot moaned the loudest with a barrage of so-called news stories and editorials based on faked facts and contorted logic.  

The Pilot should stick to what it does best:  Write stories about the erection of stop signs in Tidewater. Pathetic rag of so-called news.


by Sue Long - special columnist to VNS

Activists who support the Constitution will be attending a speech by Robert Brown, who has
produced a DVD series on the Constitution and has spoken to groups throughout the states.

The event will be held Saturday, November 19, 2016, at 7 p m at the Hyles Baptist Church,

7220 Courthouse Road in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Brown will be addressing the reasons why a constitutional convention, also called an Article V Convention, and the Convention of States,  is filled with pitfalls including a perspective of the

1787 convention. (Click READ MORE below for rest of the story) 


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Catherine Crabillby Catherine Crabill - VNS columnist

What do we know about the reopening of the investigation of Hillary Clinton?

First, the complaints that no one was given any indication this was about to happen. I believe Comey knew he had to do this under the radar or be thwarted and/or conceivably ‘suicided’ or indicted for phony child pornography charges, (they use that a lot…), or in some other insidious way, discredited.

Second, the timing of the announcement by Comey was while Hillary was in flight to a campaign event. 


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