All four are detrimental to our republic. With Obama commanding our White House, Hillary Clinton ruling our State Department, and a Democratic Senate often following in lockstep, these bills could become law.

LOS states that all countries give 50% of their seabed royalties for oil to an international body who will decide how the monies shall be spent. There are 160 members. Uncle Sam has one vote.

A lot of folks know Obama’s Stimulus package didn’t go to help the Private Sector and all those shovel ready jobs he promised. That money went to the unions, special interests who prop up the president, and the usual government bureaucracy.

What really happened to all our “shovel ready” jobs? Over the years Congress chased them overseas with more and more taxes, and more and more regulations.

Lisa Jackson and the Environmental Protection Agency is a perfect example. Lisa Jackson is Obama’s hatchet woman. She cares about America like the ACLU!

Congress has a 10% approval rating. The Manchurian Candidate is in our White House. The American people are suffering because of Comrade Obama, Congress, and a great deal more.

Vote in November!

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