Let’s get one thing straight.  If the information on the side of the gated-community security guard is as accurate as the racial rantings and ravings as the likes of Al (Tawana Brawley) Sharpton and Corporate extortionist Jesse (You need one of us on your board) Jackson, then the punk he popped was nothing more than a druggie, truant, and thug.

Without awaiting any evidence, the national media jumped on this case, condemning to hell the poor Hispanic volunteer community guard while making a God-fearing, law-abiding, Skettle-eating, tea-swigging martyr of the black hooded punk who assaulted him.

Thousands nationwide have jumped to the defense of the dead boy, including such racist notables as the President of the United States, Sharpton, Jackson and other black whining athletes, and national media talking heads.

Lets get real.  Let the courts decide.  If there is evidence of a crime, the pore old community volunteer will be charged and go to trial.

Or is this all a sham - as the dead boy’s parents seek to trade market his name and the movement that has popped up supporting his crime, but ignoring the one he committed against the pore Hispanic guard.