MYBAD?  For running a story that the city was going to treat everyone equally in giving bailout money to all restaurants needing it?  See story below!

Naw!  Wasn’t really incorrect.  Some people who called the city about getting restaurant bailout money were told the city did give away $200,000 to the Lucky Star Restaurant in the Westin Hotel.  But there’s none available to any others.

I wrote the story thinking the city would certainly bailout any other restaurants in trouble. It surely wouldn’t be so uncaring, cruel and cold as to let other restaurants fail if they weren’t going to let Lucky Star get an infusion of  tax money.

Can you believe that to get propped up with tax dollar$$$ you have to be in one of Armada Hoffler’s properties?

Yep. That’s the story.  The real story. Now are any of you citizens mad about that?  If not, you should be!