My guess is that Obama was trying to get exactly the reaction he got from US Fifth Circuit Federal Appeals Court judge Jerry E. Smith.


Smith was so mad that he stopped a DoJ attorney in the middle of a case that he was presiding over in a courthouse in TX; and asked her point blank if she thought that the Supreme Court had the power to reject legislation the justices deemed unconstitutional.  

She responded that the nine justices had that power.  Not satisfied, Judge Smith told her that he wanted a three page, single-spaced letter on his desk in 48 hours explaining the position of AG Eric Holder on the role of the Federal Courts.

Smith’s firm reaction to Obama’s statements had to have been calculated by Obama.  Could Obama have been speaking in code to his deranged base of tree hugging, baby aborting, Jew-hating, “free” health care types and lamenting the Supreme Court’s foregone conclusion on Obamacare?  

When their smack down vote on Obamacare is announced, will the Supremes’ decision cause turmoil in the streets, if that turmoil is stoked by the President of the United States?

I have long contended that, ultimately, chaos is the end game goal of the Ayatollah Obama.  

He’s destroyed the economy by creating so much debt that I doubt if there is much alternative other than refusing to pay it back.  Chaos in the financial markets will be the result.

Obama’s directly confronted the Catholic Church in particular about the churches’ right to refuse to honor government mandates in the Obamacare legislation that contravene church law and doctrine.

He’s given Russia the Brit’s missile defense specifications after he returned the bust of Winston Churchill that had adorned the White House for years.  Obama’s grandfather was allegedly tortured by Brits.

He’s left BIBI Netanyahu sitting in a White House room while Obama went off to have lunch; and, he told the Jews to go back to their 1967 borders in a speech at the State Department.  

Oh, did I mention that one of the Muslim Brotherhood’s US bagmen, Mohammed Magid, was seated near the front row of that speech?  Obama specifically invited him to attend.  That’s a neat trick when you consider that Magid is president of ISNA, an organization named as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a terror trial.  

But, hey, I’m sure that you issue invitations to suspected financial supporters of Hamas all the time, don’t you?

I really don’t believe that a man who has been schooled in the art of political compromise by none other than the king of corruption, Richard Daley of Chicago, can blunder through so many encounters.  

My take is that Obama’s ultimate goal is to cause chaos on so many fronts that he will simply have to call for the creation of his cherished Civilian National Security Force.  

You know, the one that he went off script describing during a speech in Colorado Springs in July 2008 as “just as powerful, just as well equipped” as the US military.  In short, the CNSF is the dream of every young, committed Marxist / Socialist, his very own Army to control the great unwashed.

As difficult to imagine as it may be, I believe that Obama will create a constitutional crisis if he needs to, create riots in the street if he needs to, start a war in the Middle East if he needs to, all to create a situation where he can seize power away from the legislative and judicial branch of government and deliver this country into whatever power seems to be pulling his strings.

This is all much bigger than Obama; but, he is the willing and adept front man.  Do you already have the idea that nobody lives happily ever after in this fairy tale?