I realize that you harbor delusions of being Romney’s pick for VP; but, get real, Bob, the Dems shot your horse right out from underneath you when they cranked-up this whole “War on Women” PR blitz.  

In case nobody’s whispered this in your ear, that push for women’s votes by the Dumocrats almost assuredly put SC Governor Nikki Haley on the ballot with Romney.  No use pandering to the independents and moderates within the Republicratic Party, Bob, that horse has bolted the corral and has disappeared into the night.


My second area of concern comes from the laments that I hear from a very dear friend of mine who is a VA coal miner.  

It seems as if the EPA, under the leadership of the Ayatollah Obama, has issued orders just this week that effectively precludes the construction of coal-fired electrical generating plants.   

Let me see if I can make any sense of this for you, Governor.   

No coal-fired plants, even with the new clean coal scrubbers, means less coal getting burned, less power available to the public, higher rates for electricity and fewer jobs for VA coal miners.  

Gee! Just what Obama promised in one of his campaign speeches!  Imagine that!

How about you set your AG, Ken Cuccinelli, studying a method for challenging the EPA’s rule and issuing a “stay” ruling of his own until he can come up with a method for striking the EPA rule from being enforceable in VA?  

Oh, while you’re at it, remind all the Obamaites that it will take a bunch of coal-fired plants to generate the electricity to allow them to plug-in all those Chevy Volts that catch fire all the time.

Lastly, and I hesitate to even mention it, there’s that pesky problem of those Muslim jihadists who are hard at work in Virginia, planning to slit all our throats and burn us in our beds.  

Have you heard of them?  Of course you have because I’ve sent you RRR letters to which you’ve responded that it was Cuccinelli’s job to undertake.  

Of course, you know that Cuccinelli told me that it wasn’t his job either.  I was just wondering what sort of attack on Virginia soil is it going to take for you to make it your business, Governor?  

Will an attack on a mall in Virginia Beach or a middle school in Fairfax do the trick?  

I suppose that besides my warnings, you’ve been reading about the same warnings coming from “experts” within the US law enforcement community and from those knowledgeable about Muslim jihad.  

When the attacks begin to happen here in Virginia, likely within the next few months when Israel attacks Iran, who do you intend to blame?  

It’s time to raid those northern Virginia mosques, Governor!  You’re going to discover weapons, ammo, explosives and plans for jihad.  

Given your flare for self-promotion, that should generate enough media exposure for a lifetime of story-telling and “Lifetime Achievement” awards from various civic groups.

Or, you can contemplate the downstream impacts on your legacy by not acting.


CC: Kathy Terry, Director of Community Relations, Office of Governor Robert F. McDonnell