“He belligerently stated, “Everyone of his supporters shouldn’t even be allowed in the Republican  Party or participate in the process.  They’re a bunch of lunatics,” Stearns said.

The exchanges came about when Stearns called Woodfin to inquire about delegate application forms ‘I personally filed with Norfolk Republican Party Chairman, Pam Brown.’

Woodfin, Steans said, told him, “Cut the bullsh-t, Chris. There's only one woman that I love more in my life than Pam Brown and that's my wife.

“You don't come into my backyard and try to take out my Chairman, or you get punished - and that's what happened today."

When he pressed Woodfin, Stearns said he was told:  "I'll tell you what I did. I made a recommendation to the nominations committee. My recommendation did not include your delegates. The mass meeting body passed the nominations committee report. It's done. It's over. It's your punishment.

“His actions on Saturday,” Stearns wrote Rexrode, “after numerous attempts to seek some kind of resolution with Mr. Woodfin, I don't feel that this process can continue amicably under his leadership.”

VNS Attempts to reach Woodfin at two different email addresses failed Thursday afternoon.