by John P. Kuchta Jr.
Virginia News Source Columnist

I watched a special featuring "Fooey Looey" Farrakhan on last night.  The story was mostly video exerpts from over the years.  Beck made a point of making all the pertinent videos available on his website

The fact that Farrakhan is a nut case and rubbed shoulders with nut cases from around the world is not news; but, what is news is how our US Attorney General embraces guys like Al not-too-Sharpton who are poker playing buddies of Farrakhan.

If you or I made statements like these guys do, they'd already be handing us our orange jumpsuits.


The fact that our nation's legal system has degenerated to that of a third world country seems to go unnoticed by many.


Besides voting out the clowns that made all this chaos possible, what are we going to do about the top civil servants at agencies like DoJ and EPA who have declared war on Middle Class America?