IMG_1587The trio were among a slew of City Council, school board members, and candidates for mayor, council, and school board who circulated through the crowd of approximately 100 at any given time who turned out to sign petitions against taxation, including the BPOL tax established to finance the war of 1812 never removed from the books, and for various candidates and policies such as the Fair Tax.

Ordinarily today would be the day for paying income tax and estimated taxes, but because it is a weekend and Monday’s a holiday, that day of financial reckoning is delayed until Tuesday, the 17th.

The Hampton Roads Tea Party, Virginia Beach Taxpayer Alliance, the 9/12 movement, and patriotic political groups united to hold Sunday’s protest from 2 p.m. until 5 p.m.

The anti-tax day protest is an annual event by the various groups to highlight irresponsible government, reckless spending, and overtaxation.