IMG_1039by John P. Kuchta Jr.
Virginia News Source Columnist

The veil of corruption within the command structure of the US Army has been evident since the Fort Hood massacre took place.  

The fact that Major Nidal Hasan had the initials "SOA" on his Army business card belies the extent of that corruption.  

Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that "SOA" stands for "Soldier of Allah," not "Spirit of America!"

Please remember when reading the story attached that the official, US Army report did not mention jihad or Islam at any time.

The administration of the Ayatollah Obama referred to the Fort Hood massacre as "workplace violence."

That statement is evidence of embedded corruption beyond the comprehension of many of our citizens.

Future historians ( if there are any ) will not treat this period in our nation kindly.

If Allah wishes it to be so, I will be honored to buy the rope that sends many of our traitors to their 40 virgins.