ACLUAny real conservative will frequently find themselves on the side of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), despite protestations to the contrary.

The ACLU is one of the greatest protector of individual rights practicing in the nation’s court systems.  

Yet it gets at cross purposes with many conservatives of its stand against religion in government, etc.  Frequently we say, “By God!  Those 10 Commandments have been in our school for 100 years and I be damned if this bunch of liberal Commies are going to take them down.”

You must remember, however, the ACLU can’t do anything the Supreme Court doesn’t OK … so these old, wise jurists are the final arbitrators of what’s constitutional and what isn’t.  The ACLU is simply a catalyst and shouldn’t be tarred as much as they are.

The most recent conservative support for the ACLU comes in the case of the proposed detention of American citizens without charges under President Obama’s illegal National Defense Authorization  Act.

The Libertarian Union has denounced 2nd District Rep. Scott Rigell who has tried to amend the section of the NDAA having to do with detention without a Habeas Corpus.

The ACLU says our local GOP congressman’s bill ‘is in fact useless and provides no new protections…it could cause more harm than good.’

Read the full ACLU position on this unconstitutional, dangerous and GOP supported bill.