Whose oil would that pipeline eliminate from the US markets?  Some of it would have been the Saudis in one way or another.

Isn’t it amazing how Obama’s decisions always seem to come down in favor of ruling Muslim special interests?  

He decided not to intervene in the Iranian middle class riots of 2009 or stop the Syrian strong man, Bashar al-Assad, from slaughtering as many as 3,000 of his citizens.  Did you hear that Bashar is also heavily backed by the Iranians?  Isn’t that weird?

I’ll bet that the heavy gold necklace that Obama was presented by the Saudi King had some modest
“Death to the Infidel Dogs, Your Pal, King Abdullah.”   Or maybe, “Make money with us, Barry, and retire to Chicago in style!”

I personally like this one: “Be a King, Like Me!”

Now that would have grabbed Barry’s attention.