If you consider Jamie Radtke at the bottom of the list in the GOP VA Senate Primary, you’d probably be wrong. Her main competitor, X-Senator, X-Gov. George (Macaca) Allen, certainly has a higher public profile than Radtke, but she’s working a plan that she feels confident will make her the ultimate winner.

Jamie is personable, attractive, well-versed on the issues and a conservative unafraid of taking on the Establishment Media’s Allen.


With rescue dog at meeting

Jamie is a real conservative, unlike Allen, a confirmed RINO (Republican in Name Only), and whom she alleges, will simply continue the current Washington, DC way of doing political business.

She recently held a neighborhood get-together at the home of Tom and Emily Holmes where she ticked off her main issues one by one:

1). Spending and the debt What is the role of the federal government in our lives? We can’t get control of spending without asking that question. Government is into too many phases of our lives where it doesn’t belong and that is costly.

2). Regulations. Regulations are suffocating businesses. In southwest Virginia there used to be 200 grade A dairy farms and now there’s only 3; there used to be an American furniture maker. Nine years ago 1,850 employees, now they have 27. Now the EPA has killed the coal industry by putting coal fired power operations out of business. So we might as well chop off Southwest Virginia between the farmers, textile, and the coal industry.

jr4senateWe have to kill Obama care. Even if the Supremes overthrow it, Radtke said, that won’t be the end of it. The politicians will try to bring it back piece by piece and let agencies promulgate the things that was killed in Obamacare.

3). Third, we’ve got to have a fair and flatter tax code. It will bring American business back to the United States.

4). And another thing is civil liberties.

Although Allen has generated a sizable treasure chest, Radtke has raised over half-million dollar$$$ and noted that Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli won’t with less that what she’s raised. Radtke is banking that her grassroots supporters will overcome Allen's superior money resources from all the special interest friends he's had in the past.
She will be participating in 3 upcoming debates and is opposed by two lesser candidates than Allen.

You can visit her website for more information, to contribute to her campaign and view her 2-cents plan for saving the economy at