IMG_1033by John P. Kuchta Jr.
Virginia News Source Columnist

Call me silly or a hopeless romantic, but why do I find the practice of marrying ten year old girls repugnant beyond all reason?

The Ayatollah Obama bows to the Saudi king, buys his oil and accepts the gift of a golden necklace that any Detroit rapper would be proud to own.

Still, Obama scores relatively well in the national polls.  What does that say about our American culture, education and voter involvement in our constitutional republic?  

It tells me that 47% of American don't pay any federal income tax, that's what!

When will the majority of Americans realize that there are vast sums that are involved in buying foreign oil and that OPEC cash has completely corrupted our political system and most of the US, professional, political class?  

The Saudis continue to invest huge sums to buy more land in America to build ever greater number of mosques.  

The more mosques, the more influence.  

The sight of Obama entertaining the president of ISNA at the Iftar dinner at the White house made me want to retch.  ISNA holds the mortgages on all the mosques the Saudis have built in the US since 9 /11/2001.  

Why do Americans tolerate the selling-out of our ideals and the constitutional system that ensures individual freedoms?

The corruption is easy to spotlight in Obama's actions / inactions:
  • He won't buy Canadian oil through the Keystone Pipeline, preferring to buy from the likes of Hugo Chavez and the Saudis.
  • Obama will help overturn Egypt's Hosni Mubarak in a heartbeat; but, he wouldn't help the Iranian middle class in their efforts to unseat the Iranian mullahs in the summer of 2009.
  • Obama invaded Libya to help oust Gadhafi; but, he wouldn't help prevent the mass murders of thousands that have taken place in Syria under the machine guns of Bashar al-Assad.

Oh, I forgot, Syria is on the border with Israel and Iran supports Syria.  Now, I get it.

Please send a message in November to our local, state and federal officials.  We want our country back!


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