1. His stance on the anti-abortion legislation before the General Assembly: Inserting a probe into a woman! Really? Sounded like something from a futuristic horror movie to me. I even discussed this issue with a couple of staunch pro-life friends, and they, too, found this appalling. This aspect was removed from the final reading, but Bob’s support of the original legislation does not make a case for one touting less intrusive government.

2. His reluctance to support HB1160 – Virginia’s counter to Sections 1021 & 1022 of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA): Bob’s buddies Romney and Congressman Scott Rigell found no problem supporting/voting for NDAA, despite constitutional scholars railing against the unconstitutional aspects of Sections 1021 & 1022. Bob reportedly was behind the scenes trying to garner support against the legislation before the General Assembly. So much for his claims to support the civil liberties guaranteed under the Constitution.

3. His arrogance over the proposed imposition of tunnel tolls: I watched interviews by local television outlets, and Bob’s attitude seemed to be that the Commonwealth was going to do this and the people impacted would just have to deal with the situation; that it was for their own good. Thank goodness, particularly for the folks in P-Town, less arrogant attitudes prevailed in Richmond.

4. His support of tax & spend Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms: How can one who claims to be a fiscal conservative support the individual who has overseen The Beach’s budget deficit, and who now wants to place the burden of mismanagement on the taxpayers? Follow the money on this one folks. So much for Bob’s support for the plight of working Virginians.

Yes, it would have been a great thing for Virginia to have one of her own as part of the GOP’s ticket. I fear, however, that despite his expensive ad campaign, Republicans across the land might not view Bob as a true conservative. Mitt Romney has that taint already and, while he seems to be making headway with the more conservative wing of the GOP, does not need to take on the extra baggage McDonnell might bring.

Perhaps sometime in the future one of Virginia’s sons or daughters will have the right stuff to earn a shot for the vice-presidency or even the White house. Sadly, our governor may have missed his shot this time around.