Andrew_JacksonAndrew Jackson, citizen and candidate in the GOP primary race, speaking before council this week called council members ‘pimps’ - pimping the school board - its prostitute - to do council’s dirty work of calling for a tax increase.

In effect, he said, ‘You’re sitting up there engaging in mental masturbation.’

Jackson was one of many blasting the council for ‘robbing the school  board’ of money it had saved through frugal management practices to help it get through the coming hard economic times.

The council ripped the money from the school to cover its fraudulent financing choices of the past in pouring the city’s tax funds into public private partnerships against the city’s will to help those whose campaign donations helped elect them.

One of the issues was putting a referendum for light rail on the November ballot - a year before a costly $6.1 MILLION study of its feasibility and cost effectiveness is even started.  It isn’t scheduled for completion until late next year.

Jackson said he has seen and used about every mass transit system in the world - not the U.S. - the world and none of them are feasible, efficient, or reduce traffic any where they operate.

But that didn’t stop the council from disregarding the more than 300 people who turned out to protest.  They were simply ignored by the council.  

Many on council are stupid for ‘they know not what they do or have done,’ said one person.

They also ignored the huge turn out of citizens who asked the the council put to a referendum in November whether the 7 borough/district council members should be elected by district.

Currently there are 11 members - 4 are elected at-large - from across the  city; the other 7 are from specific districts, but they are also voted on citywide - a feature of government that forces citizens to run all across the city - a prohibitively costly system.  If representing and elected from specific districts - they could easily campaign door-to-door in their own districts  and not have to run citywide at large.

Jackson told council that he is working to raise the needed signatures to have the issue put on the ballot by the courts as a result of the council’s refusal to do so.