It also convinces me that my decision some time back to stop purchasing The Virginia-Pilot was a wise decision. I did not trust its leadership to report in an unbiased manner then and this apparent squelching of an important news event confirms my mistrust. Why the paper chose not to lead the charge to investigate the attack on two of its own must be revealed.

This event is yet another in a disturbing trend of not viewing attacks on whites by minorities as a hate crime, trying instead to minimize the events. We all know what would have happened had this been the other way around. The Reverends Jackson and Sharpton would have taken to the streets of Norfolk. University students across the nation could have held more cumbaya moments in a show of support. The President might even have found another look-alike son.

Where is the outrage and cry of injustice over this event? As it is, all one hears is sound of traffic, the chirp of crickets, and the silence of failed civic responsibility of the part of Norfolk City Government and the staff of The Virginian-Pilot.

They are not totally to blame, however. This disturbing trend is one that started at the highest level of government with a President who was supposed to make race an issue of the past. Instead, we have seen the opposite. Let us HOPE this November to end this by making the right type of CHANGE in which ALL AMERICANS, regardless of color, can believe.