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Today's Top Stories - May 2, 2016  

Beware The Bell! U.S. stock index futures were showing a broadly higher open today amid subdued trading in Asia and Europe and ahead of the key nonfarm payrolls data at the end of the week More

Europe: European stocks traded flat as Asia markets tumble; Italian banks under pressure More

Asia: Asia markets took "sell in May" sentiment to heart on Monday, with the Japanese benchmark index tumbling over 3 percent and Australian bank shares selling off More

Oil: Oil prices retreated from 2016 highs on Monday as rising production in the Middle East outweighed a decline in U.S. output and a sliding dollar More

Gold: Gold rose to a fresh 15-month high on Monday,breaching the $1,300 resistance level as fresh weakness in the dollar lent support, but moves were muted in holiday-thinned trade More

Target Stocks Sink by $2.5 Billion in 10 Days, as over 1 Million Americans pledge to Boycott them It's not nice to P.O. the public, the MAJORITY of whom ARE NOT gay, bi-, tri, trans, or some other perversion; but who, nonetheless, are the majority: Once in a while they act like it More

Join the Target boycott and mean it More

How Amazon Convinced You to Pay Up for Shopping: Amazon is clearly entering its Prime. Meaning, of course, its $100 annual membership program, now a decade old, which has accomplished the remarkable feat of convincing millions of people to pay an annual fee for the privilege of, well, shopping More

Brexit - Another Obama Foreign Policy Miscue: Brits Wanting To Leave the EU Spikes After Obama Tried To Convince Them To Stay In More

Warren Buffett: US business is slow, but not negative Warren Buffett joins CNBC's Becky Quick for a wide-ranging conversation following Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholder meeting More

Buffett defends Berkshire's big Coke stake Warren Buffett on Saturday vigorously defended Berkshire Hathaway's large, long-standing investment in Coca-Cola, rejecting critics who say the company's sugary drinks harm people's health More

Buffett: I might consider taking money out of banks if they charge for deposits With persistently low interest rates around the globe, billionaire investor Warren Buffett told CNBC Monday that he'd consider taking money out of banks, especially if negative interest rates charge customers to park their money in accounts More

Puerto Rico says will default on Government Development Bank debt today Puerto Rico will miss a major debt payment due to creditors Monday, registering the largest default to date for the fiscally struggling U.S. territory More

Minimum Wage Laws Are Barriers to Employment Minimum wage laws are much in the news these days. New York, California and various U.S. cities have recently enacted legislation to raise minimum wage requirements to $15 an hour. In this context it is especially worthwhile to revisit the purpose and effect of minimum wage laws More

Fox and Disney want to sell their own web TV bundle, via Hulu for $40 a month The Wall Street Journal reports that Hulu is planning a new web subscription service that would sell live and on-demand programming from the likes of ESPN, ABC, Fox and FX, for about $40 a month, starting early next year. More

The Feds Lawyer Up -- 25,060 Lawyers Cost Taxpayers $26.2 Billion since 2007 More

Election Season Reveals Rampant Economic Illiteracy Among Voters Everybody talks about how the presidential primaries have uncovered intense voter anger at the political establishment. It’s actually revealed something more troubling: The widespread ignorance of basic economic truths that spans across the political spectrum More

Number Of Chinese Billionaires Rose By 242 In Past Year, Overtaking US For First Time, Despite Slowing Economy China’s volatile stock markets have helped the number of dollar billionaires in the country outstrip that of the U.S. for the first time, despite the country’s economic slowdown, according to a new report. As of mid-August, the country had 596 billionaires, up 242 on 2014, and above the U.S. figure of 537, said Shanghai-based consultancy Hurun Report in its annual China Rich List More


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