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Today's Top Stories - August 25, 2016  

Beware The Bell! U.S. stock index futures indicated a lower open on Thursday morning as traders eyed the release of data and anticipated Friday's speech from U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen More

Europe: European stocks were posting sharp losses on Thursday, dragged down by mining and healthcare stocks as investors trod cautiously ahead of a speech by the Federal Reserve Chair that could provide hints on the timing of a U.S. interest rate hike More

Asia: Asian stocks were mixed Thursday, as traders stayed on the sidelines ahead of a speech from Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen that analysts said could provide clues about the central bank's next move More

Oil: Oil prices slipped on Thursday as the market focused on oversupply and fading hopes of a production freeze More

Oil could take another dive, just in time for new round of OPEC rumors The next trough in oil prices could come just as OPEC members gather in Algeria next month — and that could make for an interesting, and more unpredictable outcome More

Gold: Gold on Thursday held slightly above a four-week low touched in the previous session as the dollar lost some strength ahead of a speech by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen that may yield clues on U.S. interest rate policy More

U.S. Deficit Expected to Rise by One-Third to $590 Billion, says Congressional Budget Office: The annual shortfall would be $152 billion larger than the deficit for fiscal 2015 and the first increase in the deficit, relative to the U.S. economy, since 2009; meaning that Obama will leave office with a growing deficit (VNS believes this is an under-estimate - that Obummer will leave office on the crest of an orgy of spending that one cannot believe. Just wait) More

Elon Musk made a 'very odd' purchase this week Elon Musk's purchase of $65 million of SolarCity debt is highly unusual and does not send a good signal to investors, says a corporate governance scholar More

Here's what you need to know about the CEO behind the big 'criminal' EpiPen price hikes Mylan CEO Heather Bresch is coming under new scrutiny for her company's decision to raise the price of lifesaving EpiPens more than fourfold over the past eight years More

Cramer: Next flash crash will happen. Here are my rules to prepare In the past six years there have been two flash crashes, including one that occurred exactly a year ago in 2015. Jim Cramer will be ready for the next one, and wants investors to be prepared, too More

Singapore is conducting a trial of self-driving taxis Singapore is taking the next step in the move towards self-driving vehicles with the world's first public trial of self-driving taxis More

Runaway bosses fleeing debts a symptom of China's economic slowdown Wanted posters for fugitive debtors, not commercials, are the main images that flash up on a big electronic screen in downtown Yixing, in the heart of the faltering Chinese industrial powerhouse that is the Yangtze River Delta More

What’s stopping luxury goods groups in China moving from bricks to clicks? China's luxury consumers are moving beyond bricks and mortar and going online for their next python-skin handbag fix, and high-end fashion houses and retailers will have to follow them, analysts warn More

Minimum wage effect? DC restaurants lost more jobs since January than any 6-month period since 2001 recession More


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