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Today's Top Stories - June 24, 2016  

Beware The Bell! U.S. stock index futures tumbled Friday as results from Thursday's referendum showed the U.K. had voted to leave the European Union (EU). More

Europe: European stocks came off their session lows after plummeting at the open as the U.K. voted to leave the European Union, sending the pound tanking as much as 10 percent against the dollar and oil prices spiralling downwards More

Asia: Asian stocks cratered, gold prices surged and the dollar briefly plunged below 100 against the yen on Friday as financial markets were rocked by results from the U.K. referendum on European Union (EU) membership that pointed to a Brexit More

Oil: Oil prices briefly slumped by more than 6 percent on Friday after Britain voted to leave the European Union in a landmark referendum, causing huge market uncertainty and fracturing European efforts to forge greater unity. More

Gold: Gold soared as much as 8 percent to its highest in more than two years on Friday after Britain delivered a shock vote to leave the European Union, leaving investors to seek protection in the precious metal More

Brexit ...World Stocks in Freefall as UK Votes for EU Exit More

Brexit vote makes history: Cameron quits, markets are roiled Welcome to the world after Brexit: The prime minister resigns. Here's what happens next More

Brexit 101: What just happened, and why it's important for Americans More

Here's what Jamie Dimon expects from a post-Brexit world More

Turbulence and Uncertainty for the Market After ‘Brexit’ No one really knows what happens now. The collective imagination leads to dark places More

Brexit: the world’s most complex divorce begins There are rough guidelines on how to proceed, but the negotiation will be largely improvised. Estimates of how long it will take range from two years to a decade or more. For officials involved, it is a legal and political no man's land. One senior EU official said: "We are faced with a million mad questions and we won't have answers any time soon." More

With Brexit locked in, here are other EU countries that poll high to 'exit' A majority of British voters said Thursday that the United Kingdom should leave the European Union, launching markets into turmoil as investors tried to digest what the referendum means for the U.K. and the European bloc as a whole More

With a British adieu to EU, it's farewell to a Fed rate hike for now The U.S. Federal Reserve, already undecided on when next to raise interest rates, now has one more reason to wait: Britain's vote on Thursday to leave the European Union More

Brexit: Could this lead to a Dis-United Kingdom? One of the clearest characteristic of the stunning victory for the campaign to take the United Kingdom out of the European Union was how deeply the country was divided on geographical lines More

Donald Trump says Britons 'took back control of their country' U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, in Scotland to reopen a golf resort on Friday, said Britons "took back control of their country" by voting to leave the European Union More

A Little Less United Europe: World Reaction To British Decision to Leave EU More

And A Little Less United KIngdom: SNP says Scotland "sees its future as part of the EU" and Sinn Fein calls for vote on Irish unity after Brexit win More

UK Now Poorer Than France: Pound hits 30-year low and FTSE 100 drops 8.7%: Live - Frequent Updates More

Spain Calls for Joint Control of Gibraltar After EU Vote: "The Spanish flag on the Rock is much closer than before," Spain's acting Foreign Minister Jsaid on Friday More

Did We Miss Something You Were Interested In? London Telegraph Covers It All More

S&P says Britain's 'AAA' credit rating untenable after Brexit vote: FT Ratings agency Standard and Poor's said Britain's top-notch "AAA" credit rating is no longer tenable after voters opted to leave the European Union, the Financial Times reported on Friday More

Is this really a function of our government? Feds Spend $1.25 Million on Superhero Cartoon in Pakistan The State Department is spending over $1 million to create a cartoon superhero who teaches the importance of “living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle” and “women’s empowerment” for kids in Pakistan More

Wells Fargo: Proudly Plunging Toward Bankruptcy: Leftists may be experts in certain things like organic gardening, herbal healing, and folk music But they are not known for their expertise in economics and personal finance, just in case you have missed Wells Fargo’s recent radical political shift More

Small Businesses Brace For Obama's Overtime Rule - This Single Labor Rule Hurts Business Owners, Colleges, and Habitat for Humanity, all in one law: "There's a disconnect between Washington and the rest of the country and what reality is" More


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IMG_0029In comments on a Virginian-Pilot column, Michael Barrett, CEO of Runnymede Corp. called member of the Beach General Assembly delegation members of the Taliban (Terrorists). He made the remark in slamming voters for the election of John Moss to the City Council.

He said: "Of course, that is what happens when the majority (of the voters) does not pay attention; just like we Virginians having elected the Taliban to the House of Delegates.

Isn't it amazing that the Runnymede Corporation, a company owned by the Fine family of Virginia Beach would allow its CEO Barrett to continue making scurrilous remarks in reference to members of the Virginia Beach Delegation to the Virginia General Assembly.

Here are his remarks posted following the Kerry Dougherty article titled, "WELL, IT'S (TAX) SEASON, SO HANG ON TO YOUR WALLET," appearing in the February 8, 2012 issue of the Virginian-Pilot.

Mike Barrett was referencing the election of John Moss' successful election to the Virginia Beach City Council and is slamming the people who elected him by saying, "Of course, that is what happens when the majority does not pay attention; just like we Virginians having elected the Taliban to the House of Delegates."

If Mr. Barrett keeps his job at Runnymede it is evidence the company is so ego-driven that it has no ethics. If Barrett remains on the board of Vision and the Chamber of Commerce, then shame on them for allowing him to remain so after making these outrageous remarks. Of course, if Mr. Barrett can provide proof that there are in fact members of the Taliban serving in the Virginia General Assembly, then we stand corrected.

It's well known that yellow-dog democrat Barrett is a shill for the Virginia Beach City Manager, and Mayor Will(ing) Sessoms. He delivers a constant barrage of snide, inflammatory remarks directed at every member of the Beach delegation, all of which are Republicans.

Oh, Barrett also represented the Virginia Beach on the corruptly managed Southeastern Public Service Authority (SPSA) Board, the trash agency that inept management forced out of business.

Barrett has made it known that he is ill, suffering from cancer. One must have some pity on him, but not without still holding him accountable for his outrageous statements. Best advice: Stay on your meds, Mike, and give your venomous brain a break.


Dr. Kornylak


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