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BEWARE THE BELL! U.S. stock index futures fell on Tuesday, ahead of earnings from big-name retailers like Best Buy and Dick's Sporting Goods More

EUROPE: European equities were lower on Tuesday, despite a positive open to the session, as investors reacted to a slew of earnings news and economic data More

ASIA: Australian shares erased gains to fall below the flatline on Tuesday after the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) surprised most market watchers by holding back on further easing. Meanwhile, other stock indices in the region traded mixed More

OIL: Oil prices firmed on Tuesday in Asian trading, tracking stronger global equity markets and as the U.S. rig count continued to fall, but analysts warned the market remained oversupplied More

GOLD: Gold steadied on Tuesday as positive technical signals and an easing of the dollar against a basket of currencies helped the metal to recover from early losses that briefly pulled it below $1,200 an ounce More

With dollar at 11-year high, here's what's next The strong dollar story has not changed, and many pros will tell you the currency has further to climb More

Durham's Square 1 Bank sold to California bank for $849M More

Best Buy posts earnings of $1.48 a share, ex-items, vs. $1.35 estimate but revenue fell slightly short of estimates More

Traders look to auto sales to drive stocks higher Stocks could stay on cruise control Tuesday, with auto sales a potential catalyst, as traders watch for another new high in the Nasdaq More

Citi to sell OneMain Financial to SpringLeaf for $4.25 bln Citigroup said it has agreed to sell its consumer finance unit OneMain Financial to subprime lender Springleaf for $4.25 billion in cash More


Just For Obama Voters: Obama "Very Interested" In Raising Taxes Through Executive Action More


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IMG_0029In comments on a Virginian-Pilot column, Michael Barrett, CEO of Runnymede Corp. called member of the Beach General Assembly delegation members of the Taliban (Terrorists). He made the remark in slamming voters for the election of John Moss to the City Council.

He said: "Of course, that is what happens when the majority (of the voters) does not pay attention; just like we Virginians having elected the Taliban to the House of Delegates.

Isn't it amazing that the Runnymede Corporation, a company owned by the Fine family of Virginia Beach would allow its CEO Barrett to continue making scurrilous remarks in reference to members of the Virginia Beach Delegation to the Virginia General Assembly.

Here are his remarks posted following the Kerry Dougherty article titled, "WELL, IT'S (TAX) SEASON, SO HANG ON TO YOUR WALLET," appearing in the February 8, 2012 issue of the Virginian-Pilot.

Mike Barrett was referencing the election of John Moss' successful election to the Virginia Beach City Council and is slamming the people who elected him by saying, "Of course, that is what happens when the majority does not pay attention; just like we Virginians having elected the Taliban to the House of Delegates."

If Mr. Barrett keeps his job at Runnymede it is evidence the company is so ego-driven that it has no ethics. If Barrett remains on the board of Vision and the Chamber of Commerce, then shame on them for allowing him to remain so after making these outrageous remarks. Of course, if Mr. Barrett can provide proof that there are in fact members of the Taliban serving in the Virginia General Assembly, then we stand corrected.

It's well known that yellow-dog democrat Barrett is a shill for the Virginia Beach City Manager, and Mayor Will(ing) Sessoms. He delivers a constant barrage of snide, inflammatory remarks directed at every member of the Beach delegation, all of which are Republicans.

Oh, Barrett also represented the Virginia Beach on the corruptly managed Southeastern Public Service Authority (SPSA) Board, the trash agency that inept management forced out of business.

Barrett has made it known that he is ill, suffering from cancer. One must have some pity on him, but not without still holding him accountable for his outrageous statements. Best advice: Stay on your meds, Mike, and give your venomous brain a break.

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