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Today's Top Stories - May 30, 2016  


What traders will be watching before they head to the beach Markets are expected to be quiet Friday, with just consumer sentiment and another look at first-quarter GDP ahead More

Trump: Government should 'get out of the way' of energy industry Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump outlined his energy policy plans Thursday, taking jabs at President Barack Obama and pledging to revive what he called a stifled U.S. energy industry More

Think Trump dismisses climate change? Think again Donald Trump might have angered campaigners with his latest comments on the energy industry, but a little-known planning application in Ireland highlights the concerns the presumptive Republican presidential nominee has on the effects of climate change More

How to trade possible Donald Trump presidency Bombastic businessman Donald Trump took another step toward securing the Republican presidential nomination Thursday, and "Fast Money" traders looked at how to play his possible presidency More

Automakers recall 12 million US vehicles over Takata air bags: US govt. Eight automakers said on Friday they are recalling more than 12 million vehicles in new recalls related to defective Takata air bags, according to documents posted by U.S. government regulators More

From Wumart to Uncle Martian, experts say China's copycat problem is big From sportswear rip-offs to suspiciously familiar brand names such as "Wumart," China's counterfeit and intellectual property (IP) infringement problem is massive and raising questions around the world about how seriously the country is fighting fakes, according to experts More

Inside Adyen, the $2.3 billion start-up backed by Silicon Valley's elite Tucked away on a quiet street amid the canals and old buildings of central Amsterdam, the head offices of Adyen reflect its reputation as one of the tech industry's biggest behind-the-scenes companies More

Govt. Run Amok! … Feel the Raw Terror: Our LIVES Depend on Floppy Disks If you’ve managed to make it this far in your day without experiencing raw terror, brace yourself. A report from the Government Accountability Office just revealed that the United States controls its nuclear arsenal with floppy disks. No, not those little 3.5-inch plastic cartridges that held about a megabyte and half of data, nor those 5.25-inch disks about the thickness of a Polaroid that held even less. Those are the kind of fancy, newfangled gadgets the Pentagon apparently thinks it can do without. What they’re using is even older: eight-inch floppies that went out of style sometime in the late seventies More

Veronique De Rugy: Why Global Bureaucrats Hate Tax Competition During a visit to the World Bank this week, I got a sobering lesson about the degree to which the people working at international bureaucracies, including the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, dislike tax competition More


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