Today's Top Stories - November 21, 2014 


BEWARE THE BELL! U.S. stocks were setting up for a sharply higher open on Friday, taking their lead from gains in European and Asian markets and the first rate cut by China's central bank in more than two years More

EUROPE: European shares turned sharply higher in mid-morning trade on Friday as investors reacted to a surprise policy move by the Chinese central bank More

ASIA: Asian indices finished mostly higher Friday, after Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe dissolved parliament's lower house, setting the stage for an election in which he will seek a fresh mandate to continue his economic policies - dubbed "Abenomics." More

OIL: Brent crude oil rose above $80 a barrel on Friday after China cut interest rates and on speculation OPEC could agree next week to reduce oil production More

GOLD: Gold nudged $1,200 an ounce after the Chinese central bank made a surprise policy move and announced it was cutting its benchmark lending and deposit rates and giving banks more freedom More

Ford: Lower Oil Prices Unlikely to Slow Green Cars The executive chairman of Ford Motor Company said he doesn't think that a drop in oil prices More


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  Quote OF THE DAY   



"One of the curious aspects of the Tea Party’s emergence during the past four years is the extent to which the mainstream media have fostered the idea that this political phenomenon represents a kind of radicalism. Certainly, some politicians of the so-called Tea Party have tossed out ideas and expressions that have been silly and warped. Does that mean, though, that the Tea Party, as a broad political movement, is radical?


"The answer is no. The Tea Party is a reactive movement, aimed at protecting the political mainstream from radical ideas, initiatives and policies of the left. Indeed, a review of American politics over, say, the last 50 years reveals that, to the extent America has been grappling with radicalism, it has been coming from the left. Then, as these ideas have gained traction through the agitations of the country’s liberal establishment, that establishment promptly labels those who resist as radicals."


~ Robert W. Merry, Political Editor, The National Interest





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