Today's Top Stories - February 12, 2016  

Beware The Bell! U.S. stock index futures indicated a higher open on Fridayas traders looked to the release of data ahead of the three-day Presidents Day weekend More

ObamaNomics - Banks Resort to Negative Interest Amid Market Collapse Policy-makers worldwide have "'run out of ammunition" - Financial analysts regard the move as the start of the “final capitulation" - In other words Obama's "Quantitative Easing" has created a world economic disaster. Obama was hoping his house of cards would hold together until he got out of office so that the world would blame his successor - Didn't happen More

Obamanomics … This Is Obama's "Recovery" - $16.5 TRILLION Plunge in Global Equity Markets - "Crash of 2016" could dwarf bank crisis that triggered economic recession More

What's Behind the Global Stock Market Sell-Off? Reuters analysis More

Europe: European markets traded higher on Fridayafter getting hammered the day before as crude oil prices saw a rebound More

Asia: Markets in Asia dropped sharply on Friday, with the Nikkei tumbling, after a sell-off on Wall Street as oil remained volatile and concerns about how central banks' easing measures will affect banks' earnings persisted More

Oil: Oil prices jumped on Friday on hopes of a coordinated production cut sparked by comments from the energy minister of OPEC member United Arab Emirates More

Oil Looked Like It Might Rebound. Not Anymore Crude oils bad days are here to stay: Winds that hinted at partially reversing the oil price rout appear to be dying More

Gold: Gold took a breather on Fridayafter soaring 4 percent the previous day but was still set for its best week in four years after stock market turmoil sent investors into safe haven assets More

Cuban: 'Confused' about markets, betting on gold Billionaire Mark Cuban admitted Thursday that wild market movements have left him "confused." But he has placed a bet on gold — a so-called "safe haven" asset — as investors rush to the precious metal More

Advance Auto reports dips in sales and profits for fourth quarter and fiscal year Advance Auto Parts reported Thursday that warm weather in the final 12 weeks of 2015 was one factor contributing to a dip in sales and profits during the fourth quarter More

Causes of the 2008 Financial Crisis Experts point to a variety of issues that likely caused the 2008 financial crisis, such as modern banking practices, unethical behavior or government policy. The available evidence suggests, however, that a convoluted interaction between the public sector and private sector business was the primary culprit More

Has the deep dive in bank stocks finally made these names attractive enough to buy? Banks have been beleaguered this year by concerns over continued low interest rates and exposure to energy loans. The S&P 500 financial sector has been the worst performer of 2016, down more than 17 percent year to date More

AT&T, Like Verizon, to Begin Testing 5G Wireless This Year, as U.S. Aims to Stay Ahead of the Pack For consumers, the next generation of mobile networks is still a few years in the future. So-called 5G networks, which offer speeds at ten to 100 times the fastest of today’s networks, won’t be powering smartphones until the end of the decade More

John Paulson: We're not facing another financial crisis The U.S. is not facing another financial crisis and the stock market's overreaction to fears about the economy could be a value opportunity, billionaire hedge fund manager John Paulson said. More


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