Today's Top Stories - July 6, 2015  


BEWARE THE BELL! U.S. stock markets were expected to open lower on Monday on heightened fears of a possible Greek exit from the euro zone after the country's voters rejected austerity measures demanded in return for much-needed cash More

Think Greece Can’t Happen Here? You’re Wrong More

EUROPE: European equities pared their losses after falling sharply lower at the open following the Greek referendum on Sunday in which the public voted "no" to creditors' reforms proposals and the country's Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis resigned More

Greeks Defy Europe With Overwhelming "NO" On Bailout Referendum: The great Socialist experiment in Greece comes to the end that is inevitable for Socialist States; yet the people refuse to accept it and continue to demand someone bail them out - with no strings attached More

Having Led The Citizens of His Nation To The Brink To Bankruptcy, Greek Finance Minister Quits More

Chinese Officials, Investors Hope New Support Steps Will Stave Off Stock Crash More

ASIA: Investors in Asia sought safer havens for their investments on Monday after Greece voted 'No' to harsh bailout conditions in a crucial referendum held on Sunday More

OIL: Oil prices fell sharply on Monday after Greece rejected debt bailout terms and as China rolled out emergency measures to prevent a full-blown stock market crash, adding to worries about poor demand growth at a time of global oversupply More

GOLD: Gold gave up early gains on Monday as a robust dollar outweighed safe-haven demand after Greeks rejected the terms of a bailout package in a referendum More

When markets get past Greece, they'll be watching Yellen Greece looms large, but markets will still search for clues as to Fed thinking in the week ahead, after June's jobs reports cast doubts on a 2015 rate hike More

Will Amazon Soon Challenge Jet, the Hot Discount Shopping Site from a Former Employee? The last time the companies run by Jeff Bezos and Marc Lore squared off, there were fireworks. We’re about to see what happens the second time around More

Use banking apps? Avoid these dumb moves These days, banking is (literally) at your fingertips. If you want to deposit a check or see what's left in your account, all you need is a smartphone and an app. Banks take your security seriously, but that doesn't mean your data isn't vulnerable. Keep using that convenient banking app; just steer clear of these dumb mistakes More

Socialism killed Puerto Rico too I hope no one here in the U.S. is feeling too smug about the financial fiasco dragging on in Greece. Because we have a pretty similar problem on our own island called Puerto Rico and just like Greece, socialist/welfare state policies are the primary culprit More


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