Today's Top Stories - April 18, 2014 


BEWARE THE BELL: Which Markets are Open on Good Friday? Hint: Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It doesn't toll for thee More

SLICK HILLIE PLUMMETS, GOP Surges in Latest Poll: Hillie's numbers hit all time low More

The Bigger They Are Hillary Falls to Earth More

A BLACK MAN WE CAN BELIEVE IN: Ben Carson Outraises 2016 GOP Hopefuls as well as Slick Hillie: If money is an indication, the prominent Baltimore doctor with no political experience is an early front-runner in the 2016 U.S. presidential race More

OBAMA LIES - AND THE CITIZENS KNOW IT: Poll reveals only 15% of Americans believe Obama is truthful More

ENVIRONUTS IN SHOCK: Old-School Coal is Making A Comeback Coal burning increased in the United States nearly 4 percent last year, and this year should see an even bigger spike, according to Obama's Energy Information Administration: Never fear. Obama will crank up his EPA and issue more rules, regulations and laws in his effort to strangle coal More

HIDING OBAMACARE DATA with the Census Bureau: How Obama is making long-term comparisons of the bureau’s health care statistics impossible More

Trouble - White House-Touted Health Costs Slowdown "Could Be Over" The notion that ObamaCare is bending downward the so-called "cost curve" on national health spending has been debunked by the government's own numbers More

CBO: Uhm? about Obama’s FY2015 budget proposal… it’s way more expensive than the White House claimed More

Michaels Stores Admits Lengthy Data Breach: 2nd breach at the arts and crafts retailer since 2011 More

Don't Do As I Say? - Democrats' Far Left Propaganda Apparatchik, Media Matters, Forces Secret Ballot Union Election, as SEIU moves to unionize its staff. Lefty org adopts tactics it has decried to stifle workers rights More


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