Today's Top Stories - June 28, 2016  

Beware The Bell! U.S. stock index futures rallied on Wednesdayas global markets continued to recover from the Brexit vote swoon More

Europe: European stocks continued their rally on Wednesdayas global markets realize that any change to the status quo in the European Union (EU) after the Brexit vote is unlikely to change in the short-term More

Asia: Asia markets closed higher on Wednesday, following gains across U.S. and Europe on Tuesday as jitters eased after the U.K.'s vote to leave the European Union (EU) spurred a $3 trillion post-Brexit global rout More

Oil: Oil rose on Wednesday as traders poured money back into markets hit by the initial shock of Britain's vote to leave the European Union while a potential oil workers strike in Norway and a crisis in Venezuela also provided support More

Gold: Gold rose on Wednesday as the dollar retreated and investor appetite for safe assets continued on longer-term financial uncertainty following Britain's surprise vote to leave the European Union More

Now That The Dust Has Settled A Bit: Why Americans Should Celebrate the Brexit Vote - Britain outside the European Union will be a stronger ally for the United States, from confronting Russian aggression in Eastern Europe to defeating the Islamist terror threat: COMMENTARY More

Feds Spent More on Soap Operas, Obesity Rap Songs, Hotel Shower Monitoring Than Benghazi Committee Democrats are very concerned that taxpayer funding went towards the investigation of the 2012 attack that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. They say the investigation has cost about $7 million. More


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