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Today's Top Stories - July 29, 2016  

Beware The Bell! U.S. stock index futures indicated a lower open on Friday morningas traders eyed the release of second-quarter GDP (gross domestic product) at 8:30 a.m. ET. This may help to shed light on whether the U.S. economy bounced back from a first-quarter slump or is stuck in a rut More

Europe: European stocks eked out gains on Friday as investors worked their way through another raft of European earnings, and digested the latest decision from the Bank of Japan's (BOJ) two-day policy meeting More

Asia: Japan shares whipsawed and the yen surgedafter the Bank of Japan threw markets a smaller-than-expected bone in a keenly watched decision on Friday More

Oil: Oil prices fell to their lowest levels since April on Friday, with on Brent track for its biggest monthly loss since December 2015, pressured by slowing economic growth that threatened to increase a supply overhang of crude and refined products More

Gold: Gold remained steady on Friday and was on track for a monthly gain of 1 percent, as the dollar extended its losses after the Bank of Japan's stimulus fell short of market expectations More

Consumers seen powering US economic growth in second quarter The U.S. economy likely regained speed in the second quarter as robust consumer spending offset a sharp moderation in inventory investment and weak exports, pointing to underlying growth momentum that could be maintained for the rest of the year More

UBS profit surprises but warns of problems ahead the Swiss bank, beat expectations Friday with a second-quarter net profit of 1.03 billion Swiss francs ($1.05 billion), higher than the 680 million Swiss francs forecast by analysts More

Bezos passes Buffett, becomes third-richest person: Forbes Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive of Amazon.com Inc, has become the world's third-richest person as of the market close for the first time, Forbes magazine said, passing Warren Buffett More

Amazon earnings: $1.78 per share, vs expected EPS of $1.11 Amazon shares swung higher after the retail giant posted its fifth-straight period of profitability, and handily beat Wall Street's forecasts More

Google (and Facebook) are getting almost all digital ad money With Alphabet and Facebook crushing analyst estimates in the second quarter — while Twitter delivered a mixed quarter — it is a tale of two cities when it comes to the three biggest independent U.S. tech companies whose businesses rely on ads More

What a Clinton presidency really means for the stock market Wall Street — and the stock market — may now be comfortable with the idea of a Hillary Clinton victory, but her policies and those of other Democrats may not be particularly good for the lagging oil sector, minimum wage employers, financial companies, big tech and biotech companies, among others More

If You Liked Obamanomics, You'll Love Hillarynomics Those expecting a new direction for the economy under a future possible President Clinton will likely be deeply disappointed More

Here's why Biden's middle-class savior shtick is bullcrap Democrats, Republicans, and Independents can agree on one thing: a Hillary Clinton presidency will merely be an extension of the Obama Administration. In fact, her policies mostly reflect that More

Here is a Handy List of Hillary's Trillion Dollar Tax Increases Our friends over at American's For Tax Reform, who launched HighTaxHillary.com last year, have made a list of Hillary's tax proposals just in time for her big moment last tonight More


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