Today's Top Stories - April 22, 2014 


BEWARE THE BELL: Wall Street Futures Little Changed, as investors look for direction from some heavyweights More

Americans Tap Real Estate as The Best Place to Invest: An equal number of people — but very different people — believe gold is where it's at More

Europe Rises Early on Drug Deals More

Asian Stocks Drop for Second Day on Miners, China Resources More

Rep Stephen Lynch (D-Massachusetts): ObamaCare is “going to hit the fan” in the next few years More

Surprise! (NOT!): Doctors Forced to Rush Patients Through Appointments Thanks to ObamaCare - And it's only going to get worse More

Some CBS Bosses Seemed "Personally Defensive" of the Obama Administration, reveals former CBS investigative reporter, Cheryl Attkisson, adding that they are so "ideologically entrenched" in the Left that they are willing to quash or bury reports that could inflict political damage on the sitting administration More

Top Socialist Economist Says He’s Been Working With Democrats & Obama “For A Long Time” (The White House would be better advised by Joe the Plumber) More

Obama May Cut U.S. Force in Afghanistan to Less Than 10,000 Troops 5000 is the current number White House is considering, in spite of the military position that 10,000 is the minimum number required More

Continuing To Run Amok, Atty. Gen. Eric Holder To Overhaul Clemency Guidelines, possibly freeing thousands of potential Democrat voters More

New Keystone XL Delay: "A Stunning Act of Political Cowardice" - COMMENTARY More

Soros Backed Marxist Media Group Got $364M from the U.S. Government, which Obama is rapidly turning into an outlet of Soros, Inc More


More ObamaCare Hanky-Panky: Sibelius Personally Lobbied Major Corporations to Support ObamaCare, new investigative report discloses More

Obama's America: 50 and 60-Years-Olds Forced To Move In With Parents to Survive the Economy More

The Latest Problem With ObamaCare Could Cost You: This latest Catch-22, especially devastating to those who have lost their jobs, is just one more of the tidbits Democrats hid in their bill, which - if you will remember - they crammed down America's throat with not one Republican vote More


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