Today's Top Stories - July 31, 2014 


BEWARE THE BELL! U.S. stock-index futures ticked lower on Thursday, as investors awaited a blast of earnings and the usual weekly jobless figures—which could give an indicator of Friday's official employment report More

European shares were lower in morning trade on Thursday with investors reacting to quarterly earnings and some disappointing data from the euro zone More

Asian equities were mixed on Thursday as profit-taking overshadowed robust U.S. economic data overnight More

Brent crude slipped below $106 a barrel on Thursday as higher OPEC output and disappointing demand in the United States outweighed tensions in the Middle East, Africa and Ukraine More

Gold held steady below $1,300 an ounce on Thursday, headed for its second monthly drop in three, as optimism over U.S. economic growth curbed safe-haven appetite for the metal More

OBAMACARE - THE NEXT LOOMING NATIONAL SCANDAL! Your Money Or Your Life: Obamacare Is The Next IRS Scandal - COMMENTARY: Allen West More

Argentina defaults and its stocks …rise? Usually a sovereign debt default would be seen as a negative for a country's markets, but Argentina's markets have rallied to 20-year highs despite the threat hanging over its head More

Banks, vulture funds discuss details of debt agreement: The meeting between Argentine private bank representatives and the so called ‘vulture funds’ over the debt held by the hedge funds has been adjourned and will be resumed tomorrow. More

In hedge fund, Argentina finds relentless foe Billionaire Paul Singer's tiny hedge fund has managed to force Argentina to contemplate a humbling surrender More

Billionaire hedge fund manager Paul Singer has issued an unusual warning for investors, calling the threat of a widespread blackout from an electromagnetic surge the "most significant danger" in the world: Called an "electromagnetic pulse" or EMP, the events can occur naturally from solar storms or artificially from a high-altitude explosion of nuclear weapons More

NY federal judge ruled that Charlotte-based Bank of America should pay $1.27billion in civil penalties after a jury found its Countrywide unit liable for knowingly selling bad home loans to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac More

Activist investor Carl Icahn sold more of his Family Dollar stock Wednesday, one day after revealing that he was cutting his stake in the company following its planned sale to rival Dollar Tree; He’s gone from being the company’s largest shareholder to its 10th largest in three days More

What $1.25 buys around the globe While the world has made progress in eradicating poverty, the report noted that one in five people in developing regions continue to live on less than the international poverty threshold of $1.25 a day: For a glimpse of what living on $1.25 a day means, we sourced images from around the world to see what food it can buy. Here's what we found out More

Why monster dollar-store merger should scare Pepsi, Coca-Cola Carl Icahn, underperforming stores & Walmart is in for BIG trouble for staying true to its insular corporate culture (one where it believes it's doing everything correctly) and failing to pay a premium to acquire instant square footage and name reorganization inherent to Family Dollar More

X-Fed chairman Greenspan: "The stock market has recovered so sharply for so long, you have to assume somewhere along the line we will get a significant correction," More


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