We Went to War for This?

Disgusting stories like this one out of Afghanistan must turn the stomachs of the US veterans and survivor families who lost loved ones over there. It turns mine.

Can we ever hope to see 21st century behavior from a population that worships the legacy of a bandit and pedophile? The article mentions that Mohammed consummated his marriage when his bride turned nine. What restraint this mutant showed since she lived in his house for three years! Yeah, they were “married” when she was six. All these centuries later, women used for the sexually perverse pleasure of some men is justified by the Muslims and overlooked by Muslim apologists.

Do you ever wonder why stories such as this rape of a ten year old by a Muslim “holy man” never make it on to evening news or MSM platforms?

Would that be for the same reason that an Army Major can climb up on a tabletop at Fort Hood, shout “Allahu Akbar,” kill 13 heroes and still be sitting in a jail cell so many years later?

If Americans want to sleep through the conquest of the United States, I guess that is a right protected by our constitution?

Forgive me for stirring-up the dust bunnies from under the bed.

At some point in the future, you’ll think of this story.


Hasan, Tsarneav and Muslim Jihad

Today’s headline from “jihad Watch” reporting the conviction of one of the Tsanaev brothers’ friends, made me ponder: When do we get to see US Army traitor Nidal Hasan hanging by his neck? And, how long will we be made to wait to see justice for all the folks maimed and killed by the Tsarnaev brothers?

After killing 13 men and women at Fort Hood, TX, Hasan has managed to stay alive by the good graces of his Muslim cousin, our Community Organizer-in-Chief. Do you want to put any money on my proposition that Hasan will NEVER be hung for his treason? Did we ever get the great controversy of Hasan’s beard resolved?

I would have loved to have watched George Patton’s solution to that dilemma. I believe that part of that solution would have involved several burly troopers “dry shaving” Hasan until he begged to shave it off himself!

While we’re wagering, how much do you want to bet that Obama finds a circumstance to justify the release of the Blind Sheik from prison in NC? He tried to organize the kidnapping of Chris Stevens and subsequent trade-off; but, that didn’t work out well for anybody. Will the families of Stevens, Smith, Woods and Doherty ever get the truth from this traitorous regime? What do you think? The Kenyan couldn’t tell the truth if he wanted to.


I can understand why the DoJ tried this young man for obstructing an investigation; but, why do you think that the FBI never raided the Islamic Society of Boston? Is it for the same reason that Hasan is still alive?

Just wondering….

Rand Paul Knows The Score

21 July 14 Sent RRR
US Senator Rand Paul
124 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Re: Coming House Committee Investigation of Benghazi

Dear Senator Paul:

I hope that you or one of your senior staffers take the time to read the attached letter to Congressman Trey Gowdy in anticipation of the coming Special Committee investigation into Benghazi. In addition to Gowdy’s offices, I sent a copy of the letter directly to the Special Committee at their DC address.

The documentary film created by Sun News, Ottawa, Canada, makes a sham of the entire fairy tale of the demonstrations in Cairo and Benghazi being “spontaneous.” The fact that CNN had video footage of the leaders of the demonstration in Cairo on the morning of 9/11/12 speaks to the fact of a well-planned, well-orchestrated effort at Cairo. The local Cairo newspapers also carried advertisements for weeks asking for demonstrators to come out and support the calls for the release of the Blind Sheik.

The Obama administration has literally set the world ablaze and lied to the families of the victims of their treasonous behaviors, both home and abroad. From your statements, you understand how chaotic this administration’s policies really are.


John P. Kuchta, Jr.

Obama’s 50 Cals “Coming Home to Roost!”

I couldn’t help but borrow part of a phrase from the treasonous and blasphemous Reverend Jerimiah Wright, the “reverend” who spat out racist rhetoric from his pulpit in Chicago. You know the guy, the preacher who Obama never heard during Obama’s infrequent church attendances, the preacher who baptized both of Obama’s daughters? Yeah, that guy.
Instead of “chickens coming home to roost,” it appears that Obama’s 50 caliber weapons that he sold through the BATF to Mexican drug cartels have, most assuredly, come home to roost. Friday night, 18 July 2014, Texas US Congressman Louie Gohmert and his companions were fired upon from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande with what could only be described by the weapon’s report as a 50 caliber. Fifty calibers are capable of destruction on an unprecedented scale for a shoulder-fired weapon. They are sometimes used to disable vehicles in war zones by shooting through engine blocks. Assassinations from great distances are another use.
Gohmert was down on the Rio Grande as part of a fact-finding party of journalists and politicians. One would assume they got their money’s worth!
At the time that the BATF weapon sale program known as “Fast and Furious” became common knowledge, conservative (and sane) journalists were supposing that The Kenyan had wanted to increase the level of violence along the Mexican border by using weapons sold into Mexico of US origin. Why do that? Obama wants to disarm America and he’ll stop at nothing to do so. He hoped to justify the curtailment of gun sales in the US due to the border violence. So far, hundreds of Mexican nationals have been murdered with weapons linked to “Fast and Furious” as well as the deaths of two US Border Agents: Brian Terry and Jamie Zapata.
The Second Amendment is so antithetical to Obama’s philosophy of Marxist / Socialist government that it must drive him crazy to see the broad support for the Second Amendment across America. The crazy thing is that some cities with the most restrictive gun sale ordinances experience the most gun violence. Has anyone heard about the gun deaths in Chicago? You won’t hear much from the MSM because this is the city run by a mayor who is a long-time political ally of Obama, Rahm Emanuel. Chicago is also home to Obama’s political mentor, Richard Daley and his corrupt political machine.
It appears that Obama’s prescription for chaos is becoming very clear. In any situation where the opportunity exists for increasing the level of chaos, simply enable greater weapon sales into the region and then step back to decry the increase in violence. That’s what is happening on our southern border and that was the result when Obama provided weapons to our enemy, Al Qaeda, in Syria in an effort to oust Bashar Al Assad. The Syrian weapons program resulted in the deaths of Chris Stevens, Shawn Smith, Ty Woods and Glen Dougherty. The deaths of these four American are the reason that I sign-off on every on-line post with the sentence,
“Remember Benghazi and ALL the Traitors!”

John P. Kuchta, Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA
20 July 2014

Go Gettum’ Gowdy!

John P. Kuchta, Jr.
1132 Little Neck Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
Ph: 757-468-9020
[email protected]

10 July 2014 Sent RRR

Congressman Trey Gowdy
1404 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515

104 South Main Street
Greenville, SC 29601

101 West Saint John Street
Spartanburg, SC 29306

Ref: Cairo, Benghazi, et al

Dear Mr. Gowdy:

Your investigation into the attack on the US Embassy in Cairo and the subsequent attack in Benghazi should include the following witnesses and facts.

Within weeks of the events of 9/11/12 in both Cairo and Benghazi, Sun News, Ottawa, Canada, had created a video that smashed the Obama administrations assertions that the attacks were prompted by demonstrations mocking the bandit and pedophile, Mohammed. The video has since been pulled from the internet due to the solid evidence it contains that Obama was lying about the source of the attacks.

The Sun News commentator, Brian Lilley, began by saying that “America, you’re being lied to.” Lilley went on to explain that CNN had distributed a video of interviews taken on the morning of 9/11/12 on the streets of Cairo conducted by their reporter, Nick Robertson. Robertson asked the son of the Blind Sheik, currently serving hard time in a federal prison in NC, and the brother of the head of Al Qaeda, what the purpose was for the huge demonstration that was being held at the American Embassy in Cairo later that day.

To a man, each replied that the demonstration was to show support for the release of the Blind Sheik. The camera panned to a giant street poster, very professionally done, that carried the message to pedestrian and auto traffic alike, “Come show your support for the Blind Sheik.” As a former Federal prosecutor, are you beginning to get the drift of this tale. There were no surprises! US assets on the ground in Cairo had to know the demonstration in Cairo was coming.

Oh, did I forget to mention the newspaper advertisements that heralded the demonstration at the American Embassy on 9/11/12? Yes, another part of the Sun News documentary was Brian Lilley interviewing a member of the Egyptian media who had a company that translated Egyptian newspapers for the likes of the AP, Reuters, etc. The gentleman explained that for WEEKS prior to 9/11/12, the Cairo newspapers had run huge advertisements announcing the coming demonstration on 9/11/12 at the American Embassy in Cairo. WEEKS! Since Obama was especially fond of the government of the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi, the prudent reader should deduce that some of the $1.5 billion USDLRS given the Morsi government by Obama, actually went to advertise the attacks on our own embassy. How’s that for treason?

Mr. Gowdy, I respectfully submit to you that somebody, somewhere, has copies of the Sun News documentary to be subpoenaed, the CNN video of the interviews on the streets of Cairo and that Brian Lilley and others can easily be invited to testify or file affidavits.

The link between Cairo and Benghazi becomes simple to deduce when one recounts the assertions of multiple survivors of the Benghazi attack, Libyan and American, who say that the attackers were shouting in Arabic and English, “Don’t shoot, Morsi sent us.” The attackers were referring to the fact that the grand plan seems to have been to kidnap Ambassador Chris Stevens and exchange Stevens for the Blind Sheik. The deal was to have been brokered by Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood buddy, Morsi, of Egypt. All that fell apart when Woods and Dougherty rushed to the aid of their comrades and killed 62 of the attackers, sealing their ultimate doom since the US military shirked its duty to mount a rescue mission. More on that treason later.

I hope that you will make good use of the information that I have provided.


John P. Kuchta, Jr.