Future Executive Orders!

Now that our Dear Leader has spoken on HIS new immigration law (because he has the authority to do so), can we project some future, national developments such as:

1. Handguns owned by US citizens are now illegal by Executive Order as are all rifles and shotguns. Turn your weapons in immediately to your local DHS Gun Confiscation Center to avoid the DHS Neighborhood Confiscation Patrols. Those patrols have the power to conduct full body cavity searches as they comb neighborhoods for illegal weapons. You may not opt for an X-ray. All persons apprehended with illegal weapons in their homes or on their person will be shot on sight to “protect the majority” of gun-fearing Americans.

2. Tax rates went up 20% today by Executive Order across the board to help finance the health care and welfare aid to new illegals. The deduction for home mortgage interest payments was eliminated in an effort to boost individual Adjusted Gross Income figures for taxpayers. The government announced that the anticipated increase in tax revenues has already been spent in increased budgeted costs for social programs for illegals; but, the US military will endure still more cuts to their budgets. IRS SWAT teams have been tasked to deal with any payment enforcement issues. They are gleefully complying with orders from their Dear Leader.

3. Homeowners were alerted by Executive Order that they will soon be forced to share their homes with newly arrived immigrants to alleviate housing shortages among the new arrivals. Every bedroom will be occupied in every home in America. The new arrivals will have full conjugal rights in the homes to which they are assigned. Every US citizen, male or female, in the home over the age of 10 must comply and participate.

4. Spanish has been elevated to America’s official language for commerce and law by Executive Order; and, all the deeds ceding control of all private land holdings to the US Government will be written in Spanish. There are no exemptions.

5. By Executive Order, all males between the ages of 13 and 80 will proceed immediately to the Fertility Diminishment Centers located conveniently next to the Gun Confiscation Centers. Our Dear Leader’s stated population growth model is zero population increase for the next 20 years among legal US citizens, making room for more new immigrants from third world countries. This goal will make it possible for more of them to share the American Dream. Immigrants will be exempt from the fertility diminishment controls.

6. IRA’s, cash, gold and other financial assets are immediately the property of the US government by Executive Order. Adequate food and mostly clean water is available at the Re-indoctrination Centers located in your DHS District. Anyone caught hording food or gold will be subject to on-site public hangings, consistent with the goals of our Dear Leader.

More announcements will be published as soon as they become available from the office Valerie Jarrett, Commissioner for Life.

John P. Kuchta, Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA

FBI Loves to Arrest Those Loners!

Here we go again!

The FBI maintains its constant vigilance against single mother, Muslim Jihadists; but, right in their own back yard in DC, CAIR maintains offices and radical mosques across the nation continue to spit-out their venom of hate. Who’s CAIR, you ask? Let’s start by stating the obvious. CAIR and its sister Muslim Brotherhood front groups of NAIT and ISNA were named by Judge Jorge Solis as “unindicted co-conspirators” in the aftermath of the Holy Land Foundation terror trial. The then-not-corrupt FBI proved that CAIR had ties to Hamas. Oh, why arrest the lone jihadists? The answer is simple. The loners don’t have the bucketfuls of campaign cash to contribute to keep themselves out of jail!

It’s that simple; and, the system is that corrupt!

Last week, CAIR was named as a terror organization by the UAE. Our corrupt-as-ever State Department is using its muscle to attempt to coerce the UAE to reverse course. Thus far, the UAE has stuck to its guns. All that Saudi money that CAIR serves-up to the State Department and to the Obama administration is paying dividends as corrupt administration officials intercede on CAIR’s behalf. Imagine a State Department representative in 1944 interceding on behalf of the American Nazi Party! Why does Obama send US military to Iraq; but, he won’t order the FBI to raid the Islamic Society of Boston when four Americans were blown-up and countless arms and legs were severed? Dies it matter that one of the founders of the Islamic Society of Boston is serving a 23 year prison term for terror activities? Not to Barack Hussein Obama!

Will it take the dismantling of the regime of our Sunni-in-Chief before a purge of the FBI is undertaken? The top 25% of the FBI (and many other federal law enforcement agencies) should be purged and banished to a far away, cold, dark planet.

Will the Saudi-built mosques and our Saudi-bought politicians ever pay the piper?

You tell me.


Where Does Putin Go With This?

Where does Putin go with this?

Putin’s remarks reprinted below have to been chewed for a while and put in the context of a guy who is an ex-KGB Colonel. Putin loves to project and multiply Mother Russia’s power; and, he is a world leader who has said in the not-too-distant past, “Don’t mess with Russia.”
After I read the following article from Reuters, it struck me that Putin is sounding desperate. A desperate Vladimir Putin is someone to be feared, especially when we see the complete focus of Obama seems to be to knock the USA down several rungs on the global ladder.
Would Obama fail to react to a Russian attack on the US homeland, as he has so many times in the past, when Putin annexed another piece of international real estate? To answer that question, consider the pending flood of illegal immigrants surging on our southern border, Obama’s invitation to Ebola patients to come to die in America and his fascination for support for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda elements in the Middle East. Yes, Obama’s failed policy of sending heavy weapons to “moderate Jihadists” in the Middle East, especially Syria, is a thing of failure that Obama continues to embrace with pride and arrogance.
Our MSM media fails to even mention the heavy investment that Putin has made in Syria. Putin WILL NOT allow Bashar al Assad to fall at any cost. When Vladimir Putin draws a line in the sand, he’s usually just finished a tiger hunt.
Putin never wears a helmet or mom jeans on those hunts.

MOSCOW, Nov 18 (Reuters) – The United States wants to subdue Moscow, but will never succeed, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Tuesday.

“They do not want to humiliate us, they want to subdue us, solve their problems at our expense,” Putin said at the end of a four-hour meeting with his core support group, the People’s Front.

“No one in history ever managed to achieve this with Russia, and no one ever will,” he said, triggering a wave of applause.

Putin’s tough talk reflected the strain in ties between Moscow and Washington, who are at loggerheads over the crisis in Ukraine, where the West has accused Russia of promoting and arming a separatist rebellion.

During the meeting, Putin repeatedly urged Russian firms, including in the agricultural and defense sectors, to boost their sales on domestic markets following tit-for-tat sanctions with West triggered by the row over Ukraine.

Putin fielded a range of questions during the event, on everything from the sales of blood glucose meters to housing problems, with the Russian leader stressing his determination to improve the economy which is straining under the sanctions. (Reporting by Denis Dyomkin, writing by Gabriela Baczynska, Editing by Thomas Grove and Crispian Balmer)

CAIR Designated as Terror Organization by the UAE!


Is this the same CAIR that was designated as an “unindicted co-conspirator” by federal Judge Jorge Solis in the aftermath of the Holy Land Foundation terror trial in Dallas in 2008? Yes, as a matter of fact, it is. CAIR and its sister Muslim organizations of NAIT and ISNA have met “hundreds” of times with members of the Obama administration.

Would the new designation of CAIR as a terror organization by the UAE mean that the same members of the Obama administration who met with CAIR could be arrested as terror collaborators on the streets of the UAE? Yes, they could be so arrested and imprisoned. :-)

Is this the same CAIR that maintains offices in the DC area at 453 New Jersey Avenue, Washington, DC 2003? Yes, as a matter of fact, it is.

Is this the same CAIR that was the subject of a brilliant and courageous book by Dave Gaubatz titled, “Muslim Mafia?” Yes it is!

Is this the same CAIR that is the subject of my “Return Receipt Request” letters to Obama, the FBI, Mark Warner, Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccinelli and Scott Rigell warning them about the Muslim Brotherhood front groups here in Virginia and DC? Yes, I have proof of sending those letters and proof of those men receiving those warning letters. Actually, in the case of the FBI, I go directly to their website and berate them for their treason, “Misprision of Treason,” to be exact.

Did any of these men or the FBI care about your security or that of any other American?

No not when they’re getting (or got) campaign cash through these agents for the Saudis. The FBI can’t even send agents to intimidate me because everything I say is true and they don’t want to open that can of worms in the press!

All that Saudi cash has an intoxicating aroma for US politicians.

Just ask President Obama or Senator Mark Warner or Congressman Scott Rigell.


If you wish to learn more, please go to www.muslimbrotherhoodinamerica.com. Frank Gaffney does a great job exposing ALL the players.

Tracking Global Jihad!

Stabbing infidels, running us down with autos or blowing us up, the method doesn’t make much difference to Muslim Jihadists. The bottom line, murder, is all that counts.

Too bad that our current day FBI cannot use the phrase that I used in the first sentence, “Muslim Jihad,” or “Islamic Jihad.” Doesn’t that make you want to thank President Obama next time you bump into him at the grocery store? While you’ve got his ear, please ask him why he doesn’t order a nation-wide raid on ALL THE MOSQUES in the USA. If Obama objects to singling-out the Muslims (for reasons I’ve reiterated here many times), tell him to throw-in raids on Methodist churches! Or Catholics. Or Baptists. Or Jewish temples.

Right now, in a mosque(s) somewhere in the United States, a plan(s) is being refined to kill Americans by any means possible; but, our chief law enforcement agency, the FBI, can’t surveil the mosques. The FBI wouldn’t know if a dirty bomb has come to a mosque for use during a collegiate bowl game this year-end; but, I guess we can live with that possibility. Like Obama said during his first term, “We can take a hit.” I’ll tell you what, Obama, you take the hit and we’ll watch. Show us all how to “take a hit.”

Please tell a military veteran “Thank You” today for your freedom!



John P. Kuchta, Jr.

Virginia Beach, VA