More Corruption in Virginia Beach!

After experiencing the corruption of the VB police force in the incident of a young man alleged to have a shotgun in his car in the FC parking lot, I am not surpised that the son of a VB policeman could skate on a wrongful death incident.

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Subject: The story of an innocent man?

The editor of the news site, has written an incredible expose’ of a deadly auto accident that occurred back in December 2008. The case is featured on the web site ”Anonymous” which alleges that the City of VB has railroaded an innocent man into prison for 8.5 years on a trumped-up manslaughter charge.

There are charges of political cronyism as well as corruption in the police department and among the prosecuting attorneys.

It sounds like everyone involved in this case needs to be doing hard time except the man who is in prison, Cameron Crocket.

Why not read the story of the death of Jack Korte and decide for yourself?

John P. Kuchta, Jr.

Killing Christians? No problem.

What if a sitting US Senator, one who is constantly in the news as a possible, future US presidential candidate, were to say, “we’ve been funding Islamic rebels who kill Christians”?

That’s a pretty strong statement; but, it’s one made by Senator Rand Paul on the Sean Hannity Show on July 1, 2014. What an uproar that statement caused! The MSM literally exploded with comments from both the right and the left. I’m not sure how much internet space the discussions about Paul’s statement generated.

What’s that you say? You didn’t hear a peep about Paul’s assertions? Not even a mention? Well, you’re absolutely correct; and, aside from the pundits in the blogosphere, everybody on Main Street seemed to yawn and go about their rat killing, ignoring a statement that should rank pretty high on a list of memorable pronouncements from high-ranking, national politicians. That “no reaction” is pretty incredible for a nation founded on religious liberty and freedom from religious persecution by Protestants, no less.

My, oh, my, how times have changed for the worse.

The statement from Paul was made in the context of a discussion about who bears the most responsibility for the mess in the Middle East. I have news articles written in the NY Times as far back as 2012 linking the CIA, Turkey, Arab States and arms shipments from Croatia, via Turkey, to Syrian rebels fighting Bashar Al Assad. And in 2012, Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others lost their lives in the tangled web of these arms shipments. It is telling that one of the last men to see Ambassador Stevens alive was a Turkish politician.

There’s a simple reason that Bashar Al Assad finds himself on the top of everyone’s “Most Loved” or “Most Hated” list of dictators. The country he rules with an iron hand, Syria, sits right in the future path of northward-bound oil and gas pipelines to Europe. Both Russia and Saudi Arabia want those routes and neither will give-up the opportunity to make gazillions of currency (I hesitate to use the term dollars) by selling their oil and gas to Europeans.

When Rand Paul says that “we’ve been funding Islamic rebels who kill Christians,” he’s referring to the Islamists in Syria, mostly Sunnis who have been enlisted by the Saudis to oust Bashar so that the Saudis can claim those pipeline routes. Does the United States under the administration of Barack Hussein Obama seem to mind if the second most favorite thing the Islamists like to do is killing Christians and routing them from their traditional villages? Evidently, he does not. That seems to fall under the category of “regrettable collateral damage.” Perhaps it’s not even regrettable in many quarters, given the fact that killing Christians (and Jews) seems to have been elevated to a national pastime all over the continent of Africa and into Asia; and, it’s gaining ground in Europe.

What do the American people have to say about all this religious-based homicide? Not a heck of a lot. Our politicians have proved themselves to be corrupt and/or hapless. We can’t even accomplish sealing our borders to prevent an influx of folks who want to slit our throats and burn us in our beds, much less manage the affairs of foreign nations.

The lack of protest by the “Average Joe” to aligning ourselves as a nation with Christian killers almost has an air of fatality to it, like we’ve resigned ourselves to failing as a nation and as a people, split into ineffectiveness by politically polar philosophies. We seem unable to muster a united front unless someone flies a fleet of airliners into our national landmarks. A catastrophic attack such as that which took place on 9/11/01 focused our attention on an enemy as served-up by the media masters and united all of us under a common banner; but, our country now turns its back on men and women of the same Christian faith on which our nation was founded? How will those foreign Christians view us when the next 9/11 happens? Will they be indifferent to our lamentations?

Maybe our enemies, foreign and domestic, have already slit our throats and we’re not even alive enough to know the difference?

I hope not.

John P. Kuchta, Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA

We Went to War for This?

Disgusting stories like this one out of Afghanistan must turn the stomachs of the US veterans and survivor families who lost loved ones over there. It turns mine.

Can we ever hope to see 21st century behavior from a population that worships the legacy of a bandit and pedophile? The article mentions that Mohammed consummated his marriage when his bride turned nine. What restraint this mutant showed since she lived in his house for three years! Yeah, they were “married” when she was six. All these centuries later, women used for the sexually perverse pleasure of some men is justified by the Muslims and overlooked by Muslim apologists.

Do you ever wonder why stories such as this rape of a ten year old by a Muslim “holy man” never make it on to evening news or MSM platforms?

Would that be for the same reason that an Army Major can climb up on a tabletop at Fort Hood, shout “Allahu Akbar,” kill 13 heroes and still be sitting in a jail cell so many years later?

If Americans want to sleep through the conquest of the United States, I guess that is a right protected by our constitution?

Forgive me for stirring-up the dust bunnies from under the bed.

At some point in the future, you’ll think of this story.

Hasan, Tsarneav and Muslim Jihad

Today’s headline from “jihad Watch” reporting the conviction of one of the Tsanaev brothers’ friends, made me ponder: When do we get to see US Army traitor Nidal Hasan hanging by his neck? And, how long will we be made to wait to see justice for all the folks maimed and killed by the Tsarnaev brothers?

After killing 13 men and women at Fort Hood, TX, Hasan has managed to stay alive by the good graces of his Muslim cousin, our Community Organizer-in-Chief. Do you want to put any money on my proposition that Hasan will NEVER be hung for his treason? Did we ever get the great controversy of Hasan’s beard resolved?

I would have loved to have watched George Patton’s solution to that dilemma. I believe that part of that solution would have involved several burly troopers “dry shaving” Hasan until he begged to shave it off himself!

While we’re wagering, how much do you want to bet that Obama finds a circumstance to justify the release of the Blind Sheik from prison in NC? He tried to organize the kidnapping of Chris Stevens and subsequent trade-off; but, that didn’t work out well for anybody. Will the families of Stevens, Smith, Woods and Doherty ever get the truth from this traitorous regime? What do you think? The Kenyan couldn’t tell the truth if he wanted to.

I can understand why the DoJ tried this young man for obstructing an investigation; but, why do you think that the FBI never raided the Islamic Society of Boston? Is it for the same reason that Hasan is still alive?

Just wondering….

Rand Paul Knows The Score

21 July 14 Sent RRR
US Senator Rand Paul
124 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Re: Coming House Committee Investigation of Benghazi

Dear Senator Paul:

I hope that you or one of your senior staffers take the time to read the attached letter to Congressman Trey Gowdy in anticipation of the coming Special Committee investigation into Benghazi. In addition to Gowdy’s offices, I sent a copy of the letter directly to the Special Committee at their DC address.

The documentary film created by Sun News, Ottawa, Canada, makes a sham of the entire fairy tale of the demonstrations in Cairo and Benghazi being “spontaneous.” The fact that CNN had video footage of the leaders of the demonstration in Cairo on the morning of 9/11/12 speaks to the fact of a well-planned, well-orchestrated effort at Cairo. The local Cairo newspapers also carried advertisements for weeks asking for demonstrators to come out and support the calls for the release of the Blind Sheik.

The Obama administration has literally set the world ablaze and lied to the families of the victims of their treasonous behaviors, both home and abroad. From your statements, you understand how chaotic this administration’s policies really are.


John P. Kuchta, Jr.