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It should be fairly apparent to anybody paying attention that there is something dramatically wrong when the mightiest military on Earth is made to seem incapable of defeating a fledgling fighting force like ISIS. From the early days of 2014 when Obama referred to ISIS as a “JV Team,” to this past weekend when ISIS took Ramadi, the capital of Anbar Province, located just 70 miles from Baghdad, we realize that we are no longer isolated by an ocean from the turmoil in Africa. An ISIS assassination team recently emerged from their vehicle in Garland, TX, in full body armor with AK 47′s blazing. Luckily, we witnessed expert marksmanship from a Garland traffic cop thwarting that attack. But, the attack proves that jihadists are plotting against us and my exhortations to “raid the US mosques” continue to be ignored by Obama and his treasonous minions as he actively plots to allow ISIS to grow more effective, both abroad and here in the homeland. Robert Spencer, the author of the essay below and the daily newsletter “Jihad Watch,” does an excellent job of pointing out the obvious Obama plan to allow the ISIS cancer to grow.

Obama’s withdrawal into the condition that he calls “leading from behind” has pushed the Prime Minister of Iraq, Haidar al-Abadi, into the embrace of the Russians. The Iraqi Premier was in Moscow just last week and Putin was all too happy to offer ” military and other aid” to help Iraq defeat ISIS. You heard all about that trip in our MSM, didn’t you? You didn’t? I wonder why? Al-Abadi was quoted that he had disregarded “certain forces” advising him to cancel his trip to Moscow. Translation: Screw you, Mr. Obama!

I have no love for Mr. Putin, but, he loves his country and has plans to elevate “Mother Russia” to the top spot in the Middle East and the world. What exactly are Mr. Obama’s plans for the United States of America? Obama seems to be indicating that, “We’re Number One!”

Oops! Wrong finger.

John P. Kuchta, Jr., VB, VA

Obama’s Policies to Empower ISIS Exposed

by Raymond Ibrahim on May 21, 2015 in Other Matters

In an article published over seven months ago, I anticipated the main developments to have taken place since U.S. President Obama declared war (i.e., “airstrikes”) on the Islamic State in September, 2014. Titled “ Does Obama Need ‘Time to Defeat or Forget ISIS?” I made the following predictions, all of which have come true, and in the same sequence:

Obama’s “it will take time” [to defeat IS] assertion prompts the following prediction: U.S. airstrikes on IS targets will continue to be just enough to pacify those calling for action against the caliphate (“we’re doing what we can”). The official [U.S. government’s] narrative will be that the Islamic State is gradually being weakened, that victory is a matter of time (remember, “It will take time”)….

[W]e will hear about the occasional victory against IS—this or that leader killed or captured…

Then, just as they “suddenly” appeared in Iraq, we will “suddenly” again hear—probably first from IS itself—that the Islamic State has made some major comeback, winning over some new piece of territory, as the caliphate continues to grow and get stronger.

Now consider how the Obama administration’s actions have fulfilled these predictions, and often in the same sequence.

The official [U.S. government’s] narrative will be that the Islamic State is gradually being weakened, that victory is a matter of time…

Last February, key Obama administration figures—including Secretary of State John Kerry and retired General John Allen, the president’s special coordinator for the coalition against the Islamic State—triumphantly asserted that, thanks to U.S. airstrikes, “half the group’s [IS] leaders in Iraq had been killed.”

Not long thereafter, an investigative report demonstrated that such claims were utterly falseand hardly representative of reality.

[W]e will hear about the occasional victory against IS…

In April, the Pentagon announced that, thanks to U.S. airstrikes and the Iraqi army, “ISIL [Islamic State] is no longer the dominant force in roughly 25 to 30% of the populated areas of Iraqi territory where it once had complete freedom of movement.” The Pentagon even released a map showing which territories the Islamic State had lost.

Soon, however, it became evident that the Pentagon’s claim and map were misleading and incomplete. Among other irregularities, the map, while showing territories that IS once held and territories it had since lost, failed to indicate the new territories IS had gained since the coalition effort began—making the 25%-30% claim totally misleading.

[W]e will hear about … this or that leader killed or captured…

Nor was Obama administration grandstanding concerning the killing of “key” IS figures wanting. Most recently, on May 16, U.S. special forces managed to kill Abu Sayyaf. Although only a mid-ranking leader, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter said his killing “ represents another significant blow to Isis.” ( Read here for an idea of how many times U.S. officials have made the “significant blow” assertion whenever this or that jihadi dies, only for the jihad to spread and conquer more lands.)

Even the New York Times observed that “Abu Sayyaf is a midlevel leader in the organization — one terrorism analyst compared him to Al Capone’s accountant — and likely is replaceable in fairly short order.”

Then, just as they “suddenly” appeared in Iraq, we will “suddenly” again hear—probably first from IS itself—that the Islamic State has made some major comeback, winning over some new piece of territory, as the caliphate continues to grow and get stronger.

Finally, after the Obama administration had claimed that it had killed half of IS leadership, that it had pushed IS out of 25%-30% previously held territory, that its killing of an IS midlevel leader was a “significant blow”—right on cue, the Islamic State just announced its takeover of Ramadi, the capital of Anbar, one of Iraq’s most strategic provinces. According to a May 17 Reuters report:

Islamic State militants said they had taken full control of the western Iraqi city of Ramadi on Sunday in the biggest defeat for the Baghdad government since last summer.

It was the biggest victory for Islamic State in Iraq since security forces and Shi’ite paramilitary groups began pushing the militants back last year, aided by air strikes from a U.S.-led coalition.

The U.S. Defense Department, while not confirming the fall of Ramadi, sought to play down the impact on the broader Iraq military campaign of an Islamic State seizure of the city.

To fully appreciate the significance of this latest conquest by the Islamic State, consider the words of Anbar governor Ahmed al-Dulaimi spoken back in November 2014: “If we lose Anbar, that means we will lose Iraq.”

Of course, none of these developments are surprising for those among us who were able to take a step back—to transcend the distracting noise and nonsense daily gr ound- out by mainstream media—and look at the big picture.

For those able to read the plain writing on the wall, the end game between Obama and the Islamic State was always easy to discern.

Putin Poised To Supply Iraq

Is this the “flexibility” Obama promised to Vladimir after the 2012 election? Was Obama referring to allowing Russia to invade Iraq and later Syria? Putin is firmly committed to backing Bashar al Assad of Syria along with his BFF pals the Iranians. With the Iranians already maintaining fighting forces in Iraq, it appears that Russian domination of a goodly portion of the Middle East is almost assured. I just wonder if the Saudis are getting ready to launch any of those new nuclear weapons that they just bought from Pakistan? My six pieces of advice: Food, water, guns, (plenty) ammo and some precious metal coins. Oh, and most importantly, prayer.

Written by Ashley Edwardson on May 22, 2015

Obama v Putin

Just when we thought things couldn’t get worse in the Middle East…

While Marie Harff, who sees the world through rose colored glasses, was busy praising the Iraqi army for “holding the line” in Ramadi, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who sees the world through red tinted glasses, was making a move to insert the Russians into Iraq.

Like his fellow comrade President Obama, Putin never likes to let a good crisis go to waste.

President Putin announced Thursday that Russia is ready and willing to supply Iraq with weapons and will do whatever it takes to help Baghdad defeat ISIS.

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As the Jerusalem Post reports, Speaking ahead of talks in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi, Lavrov told reporters Moscow would make every effort to help the Baghdad government push back the militants.

“Islamic State insurgents overran the Iraqi city of Ramadi last weekend in the most significant setback for the Baghdad government in a year, exposing the weakness of Iraq’s army and the limitations of U.S. air strikes. On Thursday the group seized full control of Palmyra in neighboring Syria.”

Russia, Syria, and Iran already share BFF bracelets. Now, because President Obama (who sees no crisis at all no matter what glasses he is wearing) refuses to do more than a few bomb strikes per day on average, Russia may step in and come to the rescue of Iraq. On the one hand, I’m darn glad that SOMEONE sees the urgency and is willing to step in. On the other hand, I would hate to see Putin get another foot firmly planted in the Middle East. Putin doesn’t see things the way we do. He isn’t there to help provide “liberty” or “democracy” and he will no doubt not leave once the job is done.

And don’t forget the $3.5 BILLION dollar arms deal that Russia recently made with Egypt. “Russia and Egypt have reached a preliminary deal for Cairo to buy arms worth $3.5 billion from Moscow, Interfax news agency quoted the head of a Russian state arms agency as saying on Wednesday.”

“Russia, the world’s second-largest arms exporter, has sought to boost its military ties with Egypt after relations between Cairo and its long-standing ally Washington soured, causing some defense cooperation between the two countries to be frozen.”

President Obama is worse than a Shark Rotator Professional when it comes to creating a vacuum and Putin is happy to fill the void.

No Place for Iraqi Refugees to Flee!


Islamic State seizes Syria’s last border crossing with Iraq


Barack Obama and John Kerry want to keep you ignorant and complacent regarding the Islamic State’s gains. For them, it is all about maintaining the electoral advantage of their party — not that their rivals in the Stupid Party have the wit or the will or the patriotism to call the nation’s attention to what is really happening.

“Islamic State seizes Syria’s last border crossing with Iraq,” Reuters, May 21, 2015 (thanks to Pamela Geller):

BEIRUT (Reuters) – The Islamic State militant group has seized the last border crossing between Syria and Iraq controlled by the Syrian government after security forces withdrew, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group said on Thursday.

Iraqi officials said Iraqi security forces had also withdrawn from their side of the crossing known as al-Waleed in Iraq and al-Tanf in Syria. The crossing is in Syria’s Homs province, where Islamic State on Wednesday seized the historic city of Palmyra from government forces.

It was not immediately clear when Islamic State took the site.

An Islamic State fighter contacted by Reuters confirmed the group had taken control of the crossing, which is a 240 km (150 miles) drive from Palmyra, known as Tadmur in Arabic.

Islamic State also controls a border crossing between Syrian province of Deir al-Zor and the Iraqi province of Anbar, while a border crossing between the two countries in northeastern Syria is controlled by a Kurdish militia, the YPG….

We Are Being Set-Up!

We’re being “set-up.” I’ll offer a few personal examples.

I don’t know how else to interpret the fact that my US Congressman, Scott Rigell, representing VA’s Second Congressional District, will not respond to my local, regional and national security concerns expressed in a registered letter dated 07 Dec 14, that’s over five months ago.

On 08 April 15, Rigell lied to me in front of 200+ citizens at his Town Hall Meeting at Regency Law School. He went on and on, obviously playing to the crowd about “responsiveness” when I rose to ask him publicly why he wouldn’t or couldn’t respond to my concerns expressed in my Dec 2014 letter.

In what period of time since the founding of our Republic would a sitting US Congressman essentially tell a constituent to go pound sand when being asked a question in writing and then back-up his non-response by simply lying to the same constituent? I guess the rules have changed? Do we all now work for US Congressmen and not the other way around? I guess so. I wish somebody had told me.

On a local note, Virginia Beach is home to at least four military bases that I can list: Oceana, Fort Story, Dam Neck and Little Creek. On each of those bases, sniper teams are currently positioned against a very real threat of attack from ISIS. But, when I pointed out to our VB City Council Tuesday night that our school entrances are unguarded, our Mayor and an obvious majority of councilmen and women decided “to hell with the kids, let’s buy $20 million worth of rail cars.”
I understand corruption having been raised in Plaquemines Parish, LA, during the 1960’s and 70’s. This action/inaction by elected “leaders” is well beyond corruption and indicates “black hearts and empty souls.” Do they not know that the human/animal hybrids, ISIS, love to attack schools? Goggle Breslan, Russia, and Peshawar, Pakistan, school attacks by Muslim jihadists. 500 were killed.

Do I even have to go into all the lies told us by the Obama administration?

We’re being set-up for a big sea change and I don’t believe that it’s too far off!

Speech to VB City Council, 12 May 15

Yesterday morning, I was warmly welcomed at two elementary schools near my home in VB. I am puzzled how sniper teams can be positioned atop tall buildings on military bases located all over our city due to Force Protection Condition “Bravo,” yet, it was possible for me and anyone else to walk right in to our schools.

Only two weeks ago at the budget hearing, I spoke to you about the need for an elite unit comprised of teams of combat veterans to patrol all the soft targets: schools, churches, synagogues, hospitals, malls and popular beaches. I called the concept an Israeli-type home defense unit complete with automatic weapons and the very best of gear. My declaration brought blank stares of indifference from the city council and a few audible gasps from the fine citizens in the audience.

Since that meeting two weeks ago, two jihadists emerged in body armor and AK 47’s blasting away in Garland, Texas. I am amazed at the inability of the mayor and city council to sense the peril that the city is facing. In the last month the Department of Defense, the FBI, ISIS and DHS all warned that more attacks are eminent. The Obama administration drew a target on the back of VB when they named SEAL Team Six as the unit that took down Bin Laden. But, that’s done, deal with it!

The mayor and city council now “own” the security issues facing this city. You have budgeted $20 million necessitating a tax increase; but, you’re choosing to ignore the threat from ISIS to our community in your apparent lust to buy rail cars. Instead of spending money to put armed guards at all city schools, you want rail cars. Ladies and gentlemen, the voters didn’t elect you to be wizard real estate developers and certainly not to be social engineers. We elect you to maintain the streets, pick-up the garbage and manage the myriad of tasks demanded of city government.

But, first and foremost, we demand that you take the steps necessary to protect the most vulnerable among us: our children. If you choose to disregard a warning from the very animals that we’re at war with, do you think that the voters of VB will ever forgive and forget that you chose poorly?