The USDLR Dies hard!

I would imagine that the Royal House of Saud, with all their dollar-deniminated holdings, might be getting a little annoyed at all this “Dump the Dollar” sentiment. When King Abdullah gets annoyed, folks lose their lives. To pull-off an assassination on Vladimir’s home turf is pretty brazen, if that’s what happened.

The CEO of Total forgot an international political truism: Never shake your finger at folks in power unless you have a nuclear bomb capability! He didn’t have one. I would just imagine that anti-dollar advocates will stop and think for a moment or two after photographs of the “accident” scene circulate on the web.

Perhaps the King promised to do a little extra dirty work on behalf of the dollar to pay Barry back for deploying the might of the US military in Syria? In defiance of Putin’s plans to ship Russian oil and gas through Syria, the Saudis want to lay pipelines for Saudi oil and gas to European markets. They need the help of the USA military to make that dream come through. The King probably kicked-in a few hundred million as well to the Dumpocraps for the upcoming elections! As usual, Barry promised NOT to raid any of the US mosques financed by the King that engage in treasonous sermons and plotting. I guess that’s only fair, don’t you think! After all, little Barry Soetoro was schooled in the same Sunni sect of Islam embraced by the Saudis. Birds of a feather……

Is This the Grand Plan?

What if Obama’s grand plan to radically transform America hinges on allowing a virus like Ebola to spread by constantly supplying new carriers of the disease via international travel and infecting US troops in West Africa? Then he can simply “import” millions of foreign “replacements” for Americans who die from Ebola.

No, forget that I even mentioned it. Too zany, too far out even for me to consider.

Obama would never launch a plan as diabolical as that.

We’re Headed Down the Same Path!

If you read the following essay in Jihad Watch by Robert Spencer, try to splice the names of some of our fine US politicians into the narrative.

If you do, you’ll realize that we’re not very far removed from the state of British society. British daughters and granddaughters were raped by Muslim thugs and the British politicians covered-up the crimes. The official reports cite 1,400 rapes in Rotherham alone; but, the figures for the entire island are much, much worse. The law enforcement officers in Rotherham not only refused to deal with the rapes as they knew they were happening, files disappeared that contained the minutes of four years of Council meetings to cover-up the inaction of officialdom.

But, I know that most of you will feel comfortable knowing that US politicians like Obama, Reid, Clinton and Pelosi are in positions of power to prevent events like this from ever happening in the US. Correct? Crimes against US citizens by Muslim Jihadists like Nidal Hasan are swiftly prosecuted and punished. Correct? Oh, wait just a minute. In one more month it will be five years that Hasan will have murdered 13 US Army heroes and is still sharing our air. Gee, I wonder how President Obama allowed that to happen? It’s probably just an administration oversight somewhere along the line. Correct?

By February 2015, I’ll be the proud grandfather to four lovely girls. Those girls will grow-up knowing that their “Poppa” knows how to keep them safe and won’t tolerate a sideways look being cast in their direction, much less the horrors that thousands of British children have undergone.

Now, what do we do about the girls victimized in Rotherham? Who speaks for them and those to follow?

Threats to Behead RI Kids!

It may be just a prank: some creep thinking it funny to capitalize on the news of the Islamic State and Oklahoma jihad beheadings by threatening schoolchildren. Or it could be someone who wants to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60) but doesn’t intend to follow through. Or it could herald a Beslan-style jihad attack in the U.S.

“Parents worried after beheading threat at 3 R.I. schools,” by Anthony Miller,, October 9, 2014 (thanks to Elizabeth):

JOHNSTON, R.I. (WHDH) – A threat targeting elementary school children in several Rhode Island communities caused concern for many parents Wednesday.

Investigators say someone threatened to behead students at schools in Johnston, Cranston and Warwick.

Because of the threat, many parents kept their children out of class even though police had a visible presence on campus.

“We want to ensure that there’s a safe environment for our students as they go to our schools not only just today but throughout the entire period that they’re in school,” Cranston Mayor Allan Fung said.

Many parents kept their kids at home Wednesday. Others decided to walk their children to school.

“It is safe and I hope it’s just a prank that they’re playing, the threat is not that serious. I hope everything gets back to normal because our kids do need their education,” Giovanni Carpenter said.

The drama in Rhode Island comes on the heels of similar threats in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Police in Rhode Island say they don’t believe this is a credible threat but the community is certainly not taking any chances.

“When these threats come in, we take them very serious, but at the same time, we don’t want these threats to affect our daily lives including what they do here educating students,” Cranston Police Chief Michael Winquist said.

The threat was reportedly handwritten and police have enlisted the help of the FBI to determine the source of the letter.

Four ISIS Members Arrested at Mexican Border!

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Subject: Four ISIS members arrested at US / Mexican Border!

I know that Saudi Prince Bin Talal might be suppressing the following story; but, you folks can only be embarrassed in the MSM by not running it. Or, does that even matter any longer?

Let’s see if I can connect the dots better than Roger Ailes: Four ISIS members arrested on the Mexican border within the last 36 hours; and, letters go out to schools in RI and CT promising beheading of school children.

No, I don’t see any possible connection there. Tell the kids not to sweat it. I’ll go back to sleep.

I wonder if the FBI raided the mosques in the area of the schools being threatened?

No. Gee, I wonder why?

John P. Kuchta, Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA