Why Obama Fears BiBi’s Speech

It’s no wonder that Barack Hussein Obama has been pitching a fit over BiBi coming over to address the US Congress next week.

Did you ever believe that all the fuss was over diplomatic protocol? No way. Obama senses what anybody who pays attention already knows: BiBi will be making the speech of his life, one in which he hopes to unseat a US President who is bound and determined to destroy Israel and the USA.

Pretty fantastic, you say?

How fantastic is it that a number of conservative news sites have begun serving-up a steady diet of coverage regarding the correspondence seized in the Bin Laden kill raid in 2011? In a major defection of anti-terror analysts, information is being spoon-fed to guys like Steven Hayes of the Weekly Standard that an amazing thing happened to the intelligence gathered by the SEALs during that raid. Nothing happened. That’s right. Word is that roughly 10% of the correspondence has been analyzed. That leaves about 900,000 pages of correspondence to be scrutinized by our “A Team.” Who ordered the analysts to stop scrutinizing the horde of documents? Take a good guess, folks.

What seems to be the brass ring in all the correspondence analyzed thus far? How about that the Iranians, you know, the guys who seized our diplomats back in the Carter years and who Obama wants to see get nuclear power (for weapons) were buddy-buddy with Bin laden.

Can’t be, you say? Bin Laden was raised a Sunni Muslim in Saudi Arabia and Iran is the center of the Shiite universe. Well, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, don’t blame me, that is exactly what the documents reveal in Bin Laden’s own hand. I hope that each of you will read the following story by Steven Hayes:


The only thing that Hayes doesn’t explore is the impact that BiBi will have on the psyche of the American people when he reveals in great detail the treachery of our Sunni-in-Chief. BiBi will take a deep breath and ask in an exasperated tone, “Why would Mr. Obama continue to pursue giving the Iranians the bomb when they are so positively linked to supporting the man responsible for leveling the World Trade Centers and killing 3,000 Americans on 9/11/01?” That’s a question even a Marxist / Socialist / Progressive / Pond Scum-Sucking-Liberal will have a hard time answering when the rest of us are shouting for Obama to resign or be impeached. It may even get to the level of arrest and trial for treason. Boy, would that be a shame! :-)

I want everybody to know that my offer to buy a new coil of stout rope to carry out the federal judge’s sentence in the Obama treason trial is still good. Heck, if they arrest, try and convict Hillary Clinton, I’ll buy a second coil. Nothing’s too good for a couple of traitors!

Get ready. We are about to see history in the making.

When Will Obama Take Action?

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From: combatcoatings
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Sent: Thu, Feb 26, 2015 9:15 pm
Subject: Combating campus sexual assault
Dear Senator Warner:

I applaud your efforts to combat sexual assault on our college campuses.

However, a couple of additional issues regarding sex crimes struck me as I read your communication:

1. When do you believe that your Democratic Party boss, President Obama, will mount an effective campaign against the ISIS rapists in the Middle East as they terrorize (rapes, beheadings and crucifixions) everyone in their path, and

2. When will the State Department be cleansed of the child molesters who seem to have gone completely off the reservation by soliciting children for sex over the internet? For your convenience, I have attached an essay that I recently distributed.

Your comments on both issues certainly would be welcomed.



John P. Kuchta, Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA

State Department Likes Little Girls!

Did you hear that the US State Department’s Director of Counter Terrorism Programs, Daniel Rosen, has been arrested for soliciting a sheriff’s deputy who he thought was a 16 year old girl in a chat room frequented by sexual deviants?

The Fairfax Sheriff’s Department has a task force that makes about 100 arrests per year of guys like Daniel Rosen. Did the Fairfax Sheriff place a call to State when they found out who this guy was? No, to their credit, they didn’t. It would have been easy (and sleazy) to have kept this out of the public eye like so many of the other instances of law breaking by Department of State employees. Remember Benghazi? Did State change the name of 34 survivors of the attack? Why, yes, as a matter of fact, they did! And, Glenn Beck has been tracking the disgusting goings-on at State and has more to report in his “On the Record” internet show.

Rosen’s arrest makes me wonder if he could somehow be connected to the three warnings we received before the Boston Marathon bombing. The Russians warned the CIA once and the FBI twice that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a terrorist. Was Rosen involved in the US essentially disregarding those warnings? Did the Saudis make Rosen the guest of honor at a “Sweet 16″ party in Thailand in exchange for him threatening to defund FBI and CIA anti-terror programs in Boston in exchange for party favors? Could Rosen have completely turned-off the investigation of Tsarnaev? This is the level of corruption we are dealing with, folks. Glenn Beck said he was disgusted by what he’s found: How about the US Ambassador to Belgium soliciting school girls in a public park in Belgium? Were there any negative repercussions for the Ambassador? Are you serious?

Maybe Daniel Rosen will rollover in any number of areas in exchange for a reduced sentence?

It’s funny how those “Archduke Ferdinand Moments” sometimes sneak-up on you!

Let’s hope that the arrest of this dirt bag is one of those moments!

I’d like to hear Daniel Rosen spill the beans on the whole bunch, especially about Benghazi.


Obama’s Cairo Lie Unmasked!

Upon reflection, perhaps I am one of the domestic, right wing terror threats announced recently by the SS, pardon me, DHS, in their attempt to focus the national attention away from Islamic terror threats. Funny, I never considered myself to be cut from terror cloth: Husband, father, grandfather, advanced degree in finance, businessman, tax payer. Not exactly the kind of guy you associate with terror.
But, I refuse to remain silent while a lawless regime, supported by Marxists / Socialists, attempts the takeover of our country.
No incident is more symbolic of the lawlessness of the Obama regime than the total abandonment of our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, on the night of 9/11/12. You remember Chris don’t you? He died after being burned, sodomized and his scrotum hit with a cattle prod (yes, I have the photo). Oh, didn’t Hillary Clinton call Stevens one of her dearest friends?
They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, what’s a video worth? If you click on the link below my signature, you will see an article from Breitbart with an embedded video produced by the now defunct Sun News, Ottawa, Canada.
The video documents the lies of Obama / Clinton / Rice / Panetta / Petraeus / et al told to the American people and the world in the aftermath of the treason at Benghazi. After viewing the video, I believe that you will agree with me that Obama controls one incredible propaganda machine, one powerful enough to completely suppress the truth about what went on in Cairo and Benghazi on 9/11/12. The Nazi Goebbels would have been proud to have had so much power!
The reality is that the Muslim Brotherhood-supported government of Morsi was using US taxpayer money supplied by Obama ($1.5 billion) to help advertise the upcoming demonstration at the US Embassy in Cairo in 9/11/12. Yes, that’s correct. They advertised the “spontaneous” demonstration.
What was the purpose of the demonstration?
According to the brother of the head of Al Qaeda and the son of the Blind Sheik, both interviewed by CNN reporter Nick Robertson the morning of 9/11/12, it was to put pressure on the USA to release the Blind Sheik. I have documented this fact by registered letter to the House Select Committee on Benghazi chaired by Trey Gowdy; and I’ve included the details in my digital book, “Years of Treason.” But, I decided this week to simply broadcast to the globe the link to the video and let fate deal with Obama. Hopefully, that fate will come in the form of a federal judge who will declare Barak Hussein Obama guilty of treason against the United States of America. I am also hopeful that his co-conspirators suffer the same sentencing.
Simply click on the link below or paste it into your browser. When the article appears, scroll down to a somewhat fuzzy image of a female newscaster seated at a desk. Click on the red arrow. Then sit back and prepare to be disgusted as our Liar-in-Chief is proved to be just that and more.
How many people will see this video? You decide.

John P. Kuchta, Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA


Wil Hannity Be A Hero?

I may be wrong as rain, but I think that we’re on the precipice of turning this ship around.

Your efforts to interview the journalist Mr. Massie are very timely.

I am waiting for a response from Sean Hannity regarding the information I have gathered regarding the attacks on our Embassy in Cairo and the complex in Benghazi on 9/11/12. As fate would have it, I sent a series of tweets to Sean on Thursday night. Unfortunately for us, Sean took a four day President’s Day weekend. I also left a message on Hannity.com. Hopefully, Sean will respond when he returns on Tuesday, if then. He may have brought his family to NOL:A for Mardi Gras on Tuesday. Who knows?

After hearing Sean’s radio interview with Trey Gowdy last Thursday afternoon, I am convinced that Sean is hungry to get to the bottom of this “spontaneous” aspect of the attacks. He said so on air after he cleared off his radio interview with Gowdy. If we destroy the “spontaneous” aspect of the Obama lie on Cairo / Benghazi, we destroy the entire lie.

Think about it.

The Obama people (Valerie Jarrett, Hillary, Rice, Panetta and Petraeus) have asserted that the demonstration in Cairo and later in the day in Benghazi were the result of a “spontaneous demonstration against the Youtube video that lampooned Mohammed and spun out of control.” Hell, how can a demonstration be “spontaneous” if Morsi was advertising the demonstration for WEEKS in advance in the Cairo newspapers and from street posters hanging from tall light poles along the streets of Cairo. Oh, yeah, Morsi likely was using part of the $1.5 billion that Obama gave him to advertise a demonstration against our embassy in Cairo and to finance the attack on Benghazi. Men and weapons had to be moved to Benghazi and men had to be paid. Where did that money come from? Why the US taxpayers, of course! Disgusting and traitorous!

What was the intent of the planned demonstrations?

The Muslim Brotherhood (and Obama) wanted to put pressure on the USA to release the Blind Sheik who is currently serving 99 years in federal prison in NC for planning the first attack on the World Trade Center. The attack against the Cairo Embassy was just a piece of the puzzle. The attack on the Benghazi complex later the same day was orchestrated to snag a barter piece, Ambassador Chris Stevens. It’s not coincidence that reports from survivors of the Benghazi attack reported attackers approaching the complex walls who were shouting, “Don’t shoot, Morsi sent us!” According to survivors, those same men were speaking Arabic with Egyptian accents. Morsi was supposed to broker an exchange of the Blind Sheik for Ambassador Chris Stevens to bolster the stature of the Muslim Brotherhood-backed Morsi government. See the attached photo to see that Stevens wished that the Obama / Muslim Brotherhood plan had been successful.

The plan fell apart when the two heroes, Woods and Doherty, killed 60+ attackers. The leaders of the Benghazi attackers grew livid and felt that they had been betrayed. That’s the moment when all bets were off and the four men were doomed.

Craig, this narrative SHOULD cause the traitorous Obama regime to implode if we can get MSM coverage.

Will we be successful?

The media is powerful. The MSM was able to control the entire narrative about Cairo and Benghazi and steer the reporting toward this crazy “spontaneous” demonstration against a Youtube video explanation. If Sean won’t touch this story due to the implications for bringing down the Obama cabal, then I don’t know who will. I tried Glenn Beck; but, evidently Beck loves his life and status and is voting the status quo. Hannity strikes me as a guy who really wants the truth out, no matter the consequences; and, the consequences may be grave.

Bon chance, mon ami, bon chance!


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Subject: Black journalist’s account of Obama
The column is accurate but was written in 2011. Regardless, the sentiments remain accurate and appropriate.

I am going to work on getting Massie on our radio show, Hot and Bothered. 2-3 Fri, WKQA, 1110.

Semper Fidelis,