Another FBI Amazing Tale!

If the story told above from Jihad Watch wasn’t so disturbing, it would be laughable.

How corrupt is the FBI? That is difficult to gauge. They were headed in the wrong direction before the ascendency of The Messiah; but, the rampant, growing corruption prevalent in the Bureau since January 2009 is there for all to see. Let’s see, is that when the pencil-necked Eric Holder took the reins of the DoJ? By golly, I believe that would be correct. Does Eric Holder’s disdain for the white race color his perception of who’s a terror suspect and who isn’t? I don’t think that you have to look very far to figure that one out.

It was under Eric Holder’s reign that the DoJ managed to delete the phrases Muslim Jihad” and “Islamic Jihad” from their training materials. Oh, did Robert Muller roll over and do as he was told? Yes he did. Have you seen a photo of Muller lately? He looks like he’s drinking himself into a daily stupor to forget the treason against the American people that he participated in.

How about a quick review:

1. This past August, on the 14th of the month, the FBI issued their annual “Terror Threat Assessment Against the United States of America,” and it DID NOT LIST ISLAMIC TERRORISM AT ALL. Think about that for just a moment. How does the top, federal law enforcement agency in America decide that attacks by Muslim Jihadists stretching back to the first attack on the World Trade Center are insignificant and that they don’t need to concern the Bureau with such folks? An omission like that just confirms the corruption in the Bureau.

2. The jihadists that detonated two bombs in Boston on 15 April 2013 were Southern Baptists, correct? I wonder why the mother of the two Tsarnaev brothers, Zubeidat K. Tsarnaeva, alleged that her eldest son, Tamerlan, was under the control of the FBI in a statement made on April 19, 2013?
She is quoted as saying, “How could this happen?…They (FBI) were controlling every step of him, and they are telling today that this is a terrorist attack.” Well, you may have a point there, Mother Tsarnaeva. Tell me again exactly how Tamerlan Tsarnaev was allowed to fly out to Dagestan and back into the USA when he was on a “No Fly” list? Oh, that’s right, the FBI says that his name was misspelled. Got that. The guy was pretty much a loser, an amateur boxer who seems to have had no steady employment. What’s the cost of a round trip, international flight from Boston to Dagestan and return? It’s tough to buy one of those tickets on welfare money.

3. How about the convert to Islam, Alton Nolan, who beheaded a co-worker in Moore, OK? One of the “Methodist Jihadis,” I’ll wager.
Yeah, I can see why the FBI would issue a terror threat about the neo-Nazis gang portrayed in the above article. That sort of fairy dust thrown into the eyes of an American public caught-up in making a living diverts their collective attention away from the Muslim terror threat that is making a laughing stock of US law enforcement and our anti-terror efforts.

As long as we don’t change the way that America supplies its energy needs, those Saudis will have an opportunity to bribe our politicians. And, folks, the Saudis are real good at corrupting politicians. Here follows Robert Spencer’s article:

FBI, DHS issue bulletin for law enforcement warning of lone wolf domestic terrorism

This bulletin seems a bit tardy, as there has already been lone wolf domestic terrorism recently — the axe-wielding jihadist in New York City, the Oklahoma City beheader, and more. But of course, it isn’t about jihadis at all. The FBI and DHS aren’t warning about lone wolf Islamic jihadists — rather, they’re concerned about violent attacks from adherents of the “Phineas Priest ideology.” Which group is larger? The answer is obvious. But which group has powerful advocates within the Obama Administration?

Contrast this with the FBI taking down a poster of the Most Wanted Terrorists from Seattle buses after Muslims complained that those terrorists were all Muslims.

“FBI, DHS Issue Bulletin for Law Enforcement Warning of Lone Wolf Domestic Terrorism,” ABC News Radio, December 12, 2014:
(NEW YORK) The FBI and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security have issued a bulletin to local law enforcement agencies around the nation, warning of the threat of lone-wolf domestic terrorists.

The bulletin referenced the Austin, Texas, shooting spree last month in which Larry McQuilliams fired over 100 rounds at a number of buildings, including a federal courthouse, a bank, the Consulate General of Mexico and the Austin Police Department headquarters. Law enforcement ultimately shot and killed McQuilliams.

According to the bulletin, McQuilliams was at least partially inspired by the Phineas Priest ideology which advocates lone offender action. That ideology, expressed in a 1990 book titled Vigilantes of Christendom: The History of the Phineas Priesthood, was interpreted from the story of Phineas in chapter 25 of the biblical Book of Numbers to justify white supremacist violence, the bulletin says. The book was found in a rented van used by McQuilliams during his spree, along with a handwritten note in which he described himself as a member of the priesthood.

Law enforcement agencies are warned about the difficulty to identify and track followers of the ideology, as they do not rely on collective resources of an organization with centralized leadership, formal membership, or a coordinating body that can be tracked or monitored by law enforcement.

The bulletin cites other examples of criminal and terrorist incident tied to believers of the ideology. It also provides law enforcement with some things they can look out for.

Saudis Keep Grinding Us Down!

I’m not usually at a loss for the printed word; but, where does a man begin to describe everything that’s so very wrong with this story and the greater failing for America?

If this cop had been told by the Saudis that there were five dead children in the trunk, would that have set off any alarms?

Instead of a dead child, did the Saudis have a trunk full of weapons, ammo and explosives? How about a dirty bomb? How about two live sex slaves as were alleged to have been kept at a Saudi compound in northern Virginia. The Saudis in question were attached to the Saudi Embassy in DC and one of their captors escaped to tell police of their ordeal.

Excuse me if I let my south Louisiana, corrupt political exposure to show, but exactly how much gold did it take the Saudis to ignite this traffic cop’s sudden respect for Islamic burial rites? That’s the same sort of logic that the Democrats and Republicans use to justify not raiding mosques known to be involved in the lives of Muslim assassins like Nidal Hasan (still waiting to watch him hang) and jihadi bombers (the Tsarnaev brothers).

What a perfect cover for corruption, just use the old “We must respect Muslim religious rites” routine!

Whether it’s a cop involved in a questionable release of Saudis claiming to have a dead baby in the trunk, or Eric Holder stopping the trial of the co-founder of CAIR, or George W. Bush allowing two Saudi princes to fly out of the country in the aftermath of 9/11/01 before being interviewed by the FBI, Saudi gold works wonders when applied in the correct manner. Saudis have perfected the art of international funds transfers to accounts controlled by corrupt US officials. Have you ever heard of an IRS auditor who’s fluent in Arabic and is capable of exploring the numbered accounts of a Saudi bank in Mecca? Nope, they tend to prefer low-hanging fruit like auditing the returns of social and fiscal conservatives. Lois Lerner told us the IRS is real good at that sort of search.

Our law enforcement apparatus has been so disabled by Saudi wealth that it’s hard to predict the extent to which Saudi officials can intercede on behalf of Saudis involved in alleged crimes in the USA. Last month, Nov 2014, a Saudi drove through the gates of Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio with a trunk full of explosives and was finally stopped. How did the driver go from being a Saudi citizen to not being a Saudi citizen to there being no further discussion of a bombing attempt on US soil all within 24 hours? That takes plenty of Saudi gold.

That’s only topped by the Saudi citizen, Abdul Harbi, arrested after the Boston bombing. Harbi was tackled running from the site of one of the Boston bomb blasts. Turns out, he was on the DHS no fly terror watch list. How did he fly in and out of the country? It’s called “Executive Exemption” and usually applies to high ranking diplomats. He had a student visa good for Findley, OH, but he lived in Boston. Michelle Obama visited him in the hospital while he was still under full SWAT team guard. The FBI raided his apartment, questioned his roommates for nine hours and it is revealed that this guy has a pre-existing DHS “Event File.” That’s a file generated after somebody is involved in a terror incident. A second “Event File” on Harbi was generated as a result of the Boston bombing attack. Harbi literally disappeared after Obama and Kerry got visits at the White House from the Saudi Foreign Minister and the Saudi Ambassador to the United States. Where do we next see Harbi?

Where would you expect to see Alharbi? Well, he showed up at our White House at the Fourth of July picnic that summer with his dad and brother as guests of the Obamas! Sure, you guessed right, didn’t you?

Is America a once-great country, or what? We have to take her back!

We must take her back!

Will we?

CITI Group and Jihadists Do OK!

I just received my edition of our VA Second District US Congressman Scott Rigell’s report (below) attempting to inform me or perhaps justify (?) why he voted “For” the latest spending bill fiasco in the US House. I’ll give him the debate point that near-future defunding of Obama’s lawless edict granting amnesty to millions of free-loaders is very important; but, if you bump into Rigell at church tomorrow, please ask him whether or not he considered the implications of two key provisions in the spending bill. I know that he read all 1,750 pages of the bill, so he must have been able to justify in his own mind spending our tax dollars in a manner inconsistent with the way he runs his own businesses.
Mr. Rigell, isn’t the golden rule in business that if an action doesn’t increase revenues for a certain level of expense, you avoid that action. Why should the American taxpayer bail-out Citi Group if Citi’s bets on commodity derivatives go in the tank? With the price of both oil and gold falling and Citi betting that they would rise, a likely scenario is developing that we will experience an economic catastrophe that will make 2009 look like a piece of cake. Just like in 2009, the biggest campaign contributors like Citi Group will walk away relatively unscathed. And, why shouldn’t they? Citi Group wrote that provision of the bill! All this information is contained in the following story and many others on the internet covering this provision of the spending bill:

Now don’t get bored because it just gets better and better!
If you really want to get disgusted, read the following story about how a bunch of Muslim outlaws in Syria will get funding from your tax levies to the tune of one half billion US dollars. This provision is simple pay-back on a global scale for the hundreds of millions of dollars that Saudi Arabia pours into the coffers of both parties. Here’s what Obama’s efforts to oust Syrian leader Bashar Al Assad are all about: The Saudis and Qataris want their fellow Sunni Muslim, Syrian rebels to take over Syria so that the Saudi / Qatari joint venture can lay natural gas pipelines across Syria northbound to Europe to compete with Vladimir Putin’s Russian company, Gazprom. The Saudis / Qataris can’t vanquish Assad without Obama’s help because Assad is getting plenty of help from Iran and Putin. That’s why the Saudis are allowing the price of oil to freefall. They want to ruin Putin’s party in the oil markets. Russia’s economy will collapse without high priced oil; but, Russia’s loss is Saudi’s gain.
Obama’s reaction to the Saudis / Qataris is pure Chicago-bred corruption and evil. “Sure, we’ll take care of that, one way or another,” Obama assures King Abdullah. It’s the quid pro quo of Chicago politics pumped-up to global levels. The trouble is Mayor Richard Daley never had to contend with the Internet’s ability to make so many folks so well informed.

Now that you’re an international political expert, please ask Rigell to explain his vote. For you folks on the distribution who are not Second District voters, you may want to ask your own US Congressman to explain his or her vote. I doubt that he or she will be able to justify their vote; but, it’s still worth a try before Putin takes us all down with him. Yep, ex-KGB Colonels are like that. If Putin can’t have the world, he’ll surely burn it so that nobody will want what’s left.
I’m sure that Obama’s underground bunker has a nine-hole golf course at the very least, don’t you think?
Does Obama hate us enough to put 300 million lives on the line for his own political ambitions?
You’re serious, right?

John P. Kuchta, Jr.
Virginia Beach, VA

Lessons Learned from Ferguson!

If you were like me the Tuesday morning after the Monday night announcement of the MO Grand Jury verdict in Ferguson, MO, you were flabbergasted at the scenes being shown on TV and on the Internet.

At least 12 buildings were burned and looted on the Monday night after the prosecutor announced that the Grand Jury could not find reason to indict and prosecute Officer Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown. I rubbed my eyes on Tuesday morning because I couldn’t believe what had just happened in the streets In Ferguson on Monday night. (I go to bed early!)

How in the hell do the local, state and federal governments have 90 days to prepare for what they knew was going to be a riot and still have no plan to thwart the rioters? Read on…..

Please copy and paste the URL at the bottom of this email to watch and hear a video Interview with Jay Kanzler, a St. Louis attorney who represents a number of small businesses In Ferguson, MO. I got interested in Jay when I heard his comments on the Sean HannIty Show the night of 5 Dec 14. What’s Jay got to say? Incredulously, Jay’s statement is that the MO National Guard was positioned ONE QUARTER MILE away from the burning and looting; but, they were held off. By whom and why?

Jay Kanzler goes on to say that he spoke to DoJ people on the Friday before the announcement and that the DoJ assured him that they were going to protect people and property In Ferguson.

Liars telling lies.

That’s not just my summarization, that’s the speculation by Kanzler after he spoke to MO State Police Captain Johnson, the on-site commander In Ferguson, appointed during the riots In August. Johnson supposedly told Kanzler that Johnson was ordered not to intervene. Forget about the “plan” ballyhooed by the DoJ to Kanzler on the Friday before the announcement.
There was no DoJ plan and there never was any DoJ plan.

Kanzler states uniquivocally that he can only surmise that the burning and looting came on the heels of orders from Obama / Holder to Governor Jay Nixon. Kanzler saId in the interview that the orders from DC were desIgned to “soften” the perceived response by the civil authorities to the rioters. The mayor of Ferguson couldn’t find Governor Nixon on Monday night! Period.
What do these revelations prove about Obama / Holder, et al?
The Obama administration has already shown itself culpable for the murder of Brian Terry, a US Border Agent killed with a weapon from the “gun walking” operation ordered by Eric Holder code named “Fast and Furious.”

Holder stopped the trial of one of the co-conspirators from the Holy Land Foundation terror trial, a co-founder of CAIR, being tried for terrorism charges and links to Hamas.

Holder dismissed the charges against two members of the New Black Panthers. You already knew that the Panthers had been convicted of the voter intimidation charges lodged against them in Philly, correct? Holder ordered their release.

Now, in what I would Imagine Is a “First” In America, the civil authorities on the local, state and federal level decided to abandon to rioters a group of small business owners who desperately needed their help to protect their businesses. Which businesses survived? Those would be the ones guarded by their well-armed-owners and members of Oath Keepers.

What does Ferguson confirm that many of us knew intuitively?

1. Never, ever let them take your guns.

2. Never trust government to protect your home or family.

3. Be very prepared for a period of lawlessness coming soon when the civil authorities will pull away and allow rioters to roam at will.

4. The time for such a breakdown is probably fast approaching and it will likely be sponsored by your federal government.

Hillary Says Empathize With The Enemy!

It is difficult to imagine a more ignorant, slimy woman who has somehow managed to remain in the spotlight for her equally ignorant fan base. The fact that she seriously considers herself as a contender for the Democratic nomination for the US Presidency is embarrassing.

Please remember back in September 2012 when Hillary told Mr. Woods, the father of Ty Woods, that Obama and the rest of the traitors would arrest the producer of the video that Obama alleged caused the attack on our embassy in Cairo and resulted in the death of four men in Benghazi.

I guess that Hillary is selling some bumper sticker slogan from the uber-left crowd:

Empathize With The Enemy!

Here’s a tip for both Hillary and Obama: “Kill every one of those ISIS bastards and then kill their pet goats.”