When will our city leaders “GET IT?”

Last night on 60 Minutes and today on our local CBS news affiliate, local police are showing that they are slowly changing tactics to confront the new realities of an enemy who wants to strike at the most vulnerable segments of a civilian population. The “new” thinking in law enforcement circles seems to be that seconds count and the way to save lives in an “active shooter situation” is to try to reach the shooter ASAP and stop the “homicide-in-progress.”

But, they’re still not at home plate, far from it.

When will our city leaders accept that there is a new set of the “The Facts of Life?”

Unlike the Israelis who all perform mandatory military service, only 1% of our general population is exposed to military service. What’s that mean in today’s reality of ISIS targeting our military personnel and their dependents here at home? It means that you can’t put M-16’s in the hands of school teachers and expect them to deal with an active shooter threatening their class.

Our politicians must extract their craniums from their posteriors and recognize that we MUST PLACE COMBAT EXPERIENCED, HEAVILY ARMED GUARDS IN OUR SCHOOLS.

How many more armed attacks on athletic contests, restaurants, concert halls and hotels have to happen before our politicians come to grips with the new facts of life? I wrote a registered letter to our embattled Mayor of Virginia Beach attempting to explain my concerns and this was before he was served five summons by the Virginia State Police for conflict of interest.

There are rumors of a round of federal indictments due out just in time for Christmas. Maybe even our most “bought-and-paid-for” politicians will see the light when the feds turn on their high beams?

21 July 15 Registered

Mayor Will Sessoms
City of Virginia Beach
Municipal Center
City Hall, Building #1
2401 Courthouse Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Ref: Priorities of You and the VB City Council

Dear Mr. Mayor:

I spoke on two different occasions this past Spring as you and the VB City Council sat and heard arguments for and against funding for light rail cars in your budget in the amount of $21 million.

I stressed the fact that we are in an undeclared state of war against radical Islam and they have struck too many times to mention; but, the attack last week in Chattanooga helps drive home the point that I have been stressing: Do we need light rail when all our schools are wide open to anyone with a weapon who cares to walk through the front doors? How about our beaches, malls, churches and synagogues? Have the attacks on Tunisian beaches not driven the point home for you and the city council? I have copied my latest remarks to city council below in an effort to help show you the utter folly of your stance.

“Yesterday morning, I was warmly welcomed at two elementary schools near my home in VB. I am puzzled how sniper teams can be positioned atop tall buildings on military bases located all over our city due to Force Protection Condition “Bravo,” yet, it was possible for me and anyone else to walk right in to our schools.

At the budget hearing, I spoke to you about the need for an elite unit comprised of teams of combat veterans to patrol all the soft targets: schools, churches, synagogues, hospitals, malls and popular beaches. I called the concept an Israeli-type home defense unit complete with automatic weapons and the very best of gear. My declaration drew brought blank stares of indifference from the city council and a few audible gasps from the fine citizens in the audience.

Since that meeting two weeks ago, two jihadists emerged in body armor and AK 47’s blasting away in Garland, Texas. I am amazed that the mayor and city council do not seem to sense the peril that our city is facing. In the last month the Department of Defense, the FBI, ISIS itself and DHS have all warned that more attacks are eminent. The Obama administration drew a target on the back of VB when they named SEAL Team Six as the unit that took down Bin Laden. But, that’s done, deal with it!

The mayor and city council now “own” the security issues facing this city. You have budgeted $20 million necessitating a tax increase; but, you’re choosing to ignore the threat from ISIS to our community in your apparent lust to buy rail cars. Instead of spending money to put armed guards at all city schools, you want rail cars. Ladies and gentlemen, the voters didn’t elect you to be wizard-like real estate developers and certainly not to be social engineers. We elect you to maintain the streets, pick-up the garbage and manage the myriad of tasks demanded of city government.

But, first and foremost, we demand that you take the steps necessary to protect the most vulnerable among us: our children.

If you choose to disregard a warning from the animals that we’re at war with, do you think that the voters of VB will ever forgive and forget that you chose poorly?

A tax for armed guards at schools, YES! A tax to buy rail cars, NO!”

The choice is yours and that of the city council. I hope that you reconsider your decision to buy light rail cars instead of protecting our citizens.


John P. Kuchta, Jr.

Virginia Beach Councilman Refuses to Listen!

29 Oct 2015                                                                                                     Sent Registered

Mr. Jim Woods
Virginia Beach City Council
2401 Courthouse Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Ref: Forum on Gun Policy at Landstown High School

Dear Councilman Woods:

You will remember me as the second speaker at last night’s forum on gun policy. I live in the Lynnhaven District.

My message is fairly simple. The Virginia Beach Mayor and City Council can continue to “stick their heads in the sand” when it comes to the threat against school kids in Virginia Beach schools; or, you can listen to the warnings of the FBI, DHS, DoD and even ISIS themselves as they threaten to attack US military personnel and their dependents.

As I walked out of the auditorium toward the exit, I heard you huff and puff that “we don’t have our heads in the sand.” Well, can you name anything that you’ve done to counter the threat posed by ISIS to the school children in the city that is home to SEAL Team Six? I have sent Mayor Sessoms two registered letters on this topic. I also spoke twice at the budget meetings this spring.

I can’t understand why the mayor and the city council don’t realize the tremendous liability that you are creating for the city and yourselves personally? Don’t you realize that there would be no place on Earth to hide if such an attack should take place after so many warnings have been given by respected authorities?

The mayor and city council should rearrange their spending priorities and put combat experienced, heavily armed guards in our schools. Unlike other unnecessary projects that council has embraced, this project would get a ‘thumbs up’ from property owners.


John P. Kuchta, Jr.

Assad / Russia / Iran / China

Just in case you’ve been away living in a cave in the Appalachians for the summer, please allow me to bring you up-to-speed.
The first article below came out last week during the run-up to the Pope’s visit. I guess that the MSM deemed the statement by John Kerry to be insignificant when compared to the discussions about the economical, four-door Fiat favored by the Pontiff. What did our Secretary of State have on his beady little brain? Only that there was a better than even chance that US and Russian assets will probably tangle in the skies over Syria in the not-too-distant future. Here’s the article:
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Of similar concern to anybody paying attention is the article below that alleges that a Chinese war ship passed through the Suez Canal bound for Syria. One would assume that she intends to berth alongside Russian war ships already in port there. This development seems to portray that the axis we face in Syria is now Assad / Russia / Iran / China.
Follow this link

Don’t you think that it’s kind of weird that Obama would promote the development of an Iranian nuclear bomb while it appears that we are ready to fight the Iranians in Syria in a faint hearted attempt to unseat Bashar al Assad? What could explain this apparent dichotomy? Could the answer be that Obama intends to exert only token effort against the axis supporting Assad? In street parlance, “The fight’s been thrown, folks!” BHO has already shifted his support in the Middle East to Iran and a half-hearted effort in the coming conflict in Syria also accomplishes a goal near and dear to Obama’s heart and that is the humbling of the USA.

Either by omission or commission, Obama has determined that we will lose this conflict. How will defeat be structured? I predict an attack that may be described as accidental taking place on or about 15 Oct 15 that very quickly escalates with the US losing a number of military assets. The Obama administration will then rush to the UN to seek a ceasefire and withdraw with dishonor from the field of battle. If you doubt that this is all taking shape, check out this story reported on Fox news this AM:

The victorious Russians will keep their natural gas monopoly in Europe since Bashar al Assad will remain in power, thwarting the efforts of the Saudis to lay gas pipelines across Syria to Europe. The USA will have lost ships, planes, men and prestige; but, that’s just fine with a Marxist / Socialist / Fabian who hates America.

In the Obama universe, this is called a “twofer.”

BTW, as hostilities break-out in Syria, a soft target is going to be hit and hit hard in the USA by forces led by Iranian Quds forces. The likely target is a school or shopping mall.

The Global Crash and Light Rail Debt

Let’s pretend that a coastal community with a pleasant environment and access to beaches and wild places decided to commit financial suicide by building a three mile light rail spur for an astounding $300 million price tag.

Let’s also pretend that the voters and taxpayers of this community had never really had a chance to vote on the actual project proposal, just authorizing a study to determine the project’s feasibility.

Somewhere along the early timeline of this boondoggle, a financial crisis sweeps across the planet from China to the USA resulting in what may become the most historic “reset” since the Great Depression, with wages and prices rolling back incredibly and jobs becoming very scarce. The value of people’s homes and commercial property fell precipitously due to a lack of demand.

Now, refer back to paragraph one.

The small coastal community with big aspirations has now saddled itself with a $300 million debt and operating losses for an asset with absolutely no positive impact on the community, other than making a great cover for tourism flyers. The taxpayers, mostly homeowners, find themselves paying for a wildly inflated project price tag with deflated dollars that have become very dear. The homeowners squealed like stuck pigs as their property taxes rose incredibly year-upon-year to pay the indebtedness.

This is no fairy tale, folks, this is real life and this short essay describes exactly what will happen over the next few years if this light rail project is allowed to be funded. An already ludicrous project has become absurd in its costs to the taxpayers of Virginia Beach.

Majority of Mosques Pose Clear and Present Danger to USA

The US mosque link between Islamic attacks that authorities are ignoring
Posted By Pamela Geller On July 26, 2015 @ 7:44 am In Current Affairs,Monitor the Mosques | 25 Comments

“We can’t let political correctness spare these mosques due scrutiny.” But that’s exactly what is happening. How many more jihad terror attacks is it going to take for this disastrous policy to be discarded? No number will suffice — we will need a President who loves America to change this.

“The US mosque link between Islamic attacks that authorities are ignoring,” by Paul Sperry, New York Post [1], July 26, 2015:

Property records show the mosque attended by the terrorist who killed US soldiers at a base in Chattanooga, Tenn., is affiliated with the same Islamic group as the mosques patronized by the Boston marathon bombers and the 9/11 hijackers who attacked the Pentagon.

Yet federal investigators have dismissed any possibility that the Tennessee mosque was a source of radicalization or support for the terrorist, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez.

The trustee of the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga, like the Boston and Virginia mosques attended by other terrorists, is the North American Islamic Trust.

In 2007, the Justice Department designated NAIT as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorist financing case in America history, US v. Holy Land Land Foundation, which resulted in convictions and imprisonment of several US-based Hamas terrorist leaders. Current NAIT chairman Gaddoor Saidi also appears on the government’s co-conspirator list.
Court records detail money flowing through NAIT financial accounts to Hamas. In the same exhibits from the trial, the Justice Department lists NAIT and Saidi among “members of the US Muslim Brotherhood,” alongside NAIT’s parent the Islamic Society of North America — from which the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga derives its name.
While NAIT maintains its innocence, its repeated appeals to the government to expunge its name from the co-conspirators list have failed. A federal judge ruled there is “ample evidence” tying NAIT to Hamas and the Brotherhood.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a worldwide jihadist movement whose credo is “Jihad is our way, and death for the glory of Allah is our greatest ambition.”

The ethnic-Palestinian Abdulazeez expressed similar ambitions in his Internet writings, in which he dreamed of fighting and dying in “jihad for the sake of Allah.”

In 2009, when Islamic Society leaders were raising money from Chattanooga Muslims for construction of their new mosque, they invoked the names of major Muslim Brotherhood figures — including the group’s spiritual leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who once issued a fatwa calling on Muslims to kill US soldiers in Iraq.

Qaradawi’s name shows up in a mosque PowerPoint presentation exhorting Muslim faithful to donate “in the cause of Allah.”

Abdulazeez and his family were longtime members of the Islamic Society, which forces women to pray separately from men and wear head coverings.

Contradicting recent claims they had “minimal interactions” with the 24-year-old jihadist, Facebook postings show mosque leaders once held a well-attended graduation celebration for him.

Friends say Abdulazeez regularly prayed at the Islamic Society in the months leading up to his attack on two US military sites.

The current mosque leadership is directly connected to NAIT.

The Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga grew out of a small mosque founded by NAIT in 1997, the original deed reveals.
“NAIT bought the property in August of 1997 from St. John United Methodist,” said Sheldon Wright, deputy clerk for the Hamilton County, Tenn., register of deeds.

In 2007, the land for the new mosque was purchased by the “Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga Inc.,” which lists an address for NAIT agent Arif Shafi. Shafi that same year filed the articles of incorporation for the Islamic Society of Greater Chattanooga. The state charter lists Shafi as both the “registered agent” for the mosque and one of its “incorporators.”
Then, in 2013, NAIT sold the old mosque, Masjid Annour, moving it to the new Islamic Society site. Shafi is represented in the transaction as “the authorized agent of the North American Islamic Trust.”

Attempts to reach Shafi for comment were unsuccessful. Other Islamic Society officials have asserted the mosque preaches peace and that they saw no signs that Abdulazeez was involved in “extremism.”

This is a familiar refrain. Americans have heard the same line from leaders of other mosques controlled by NAIT after their members, too, carried out acts of terrorism. Among them:

Islamic Society of Boston, where a dozen terrorists have worshipped, including the marathon bombers Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and Tamerlan Tsarnaev and most recently the ISIS-inspired terrorist who plotted to behead Boston cops.
Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, where worshippers included two ISIS terrorists who attacked a Dallas-area event and planned to shoot up the Super Bowl.

Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, where some of the 9/11 hijackers worshipped and got help obtaining IDs and housing, following on the heels of the Fort Hood shooter and several other terrorists who have attended the mosque just outside Washington.

More interested in outreach, authorities overlooked these disturbing patterns.
After 9/11, the Pentagon even invited the Dar al-Hijrah cleric, who ministered to the very hijackers who torpedoed the military headquarters, to an interfaith luncheon. That same cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, would go on to head al Qaeda’s operations in Yemen before a drone-fired missile finally caught up to him.

Muslim Brotherhood archives uncovered last decade in an FBI raid of a terrorist suspect’s basement in a Washington suburb list NAIT as one of the movement’s key fronts in the US. They also describe its Islamic centers as “bases” from which to train and deploy its “battalions” in jihad.

NAIT holds title to more than 300 mosques and has helped finance more than 500 Islamic centers in America. Imams insist that none of them preach hate. But is it enough for law enforcement to just take their word for it?

We can’t let political correctness spare these mosques due scrutiny.
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