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Today's Events

  • IRS Commissioner Nomination Hearing
    John Koskinen testified at his nomination hearing to be the next commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service. 

  • Senate Session, Part 1
    The Senate convened and proceeded to executive session to consider the nomination of Patricia Millett to be U.S. Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia.

  • Memorial Service for Nelson Mandela
    A memorial service was held in Johannesburg for former South African President Nelson Mandela, who died on December 5, 2013, at the age of 95. Speakers included President Obama, South African President Jacob Zuma, Cuban President Raul Castro, and others. Former U.S. Presidents Clinton, G.W. Bush and Carter were also be in attendance.

  • End-of-Year Budget Issues
    Shane Goldmacher spoke by phone about the latest news in ongoing Budget Conference Committee negotiations and the expected announcement of a small-scale agreement later in the week. He also talked about the Defense Authorization bill.

  • House Session
    Legislation Considered Under Suspension of the Rules:
    1) H.R. 3521 - The Department of Veterans Affairs Major Medical Facility Lease Authorization Act of 2013, as amended (Sponsored by Rep. Jeff Miller / Veterans' Affairs Committee)
    2) S. 1471 - Alicia Dawn Koehl Respect for National Cemeteries Act (Sponsored by Sen. Daniel Coats / Veterans' Affairs Committee)

  • Morning Hour
    The House met for Morning Hour, during which members spoke on a variety of topics.

  • Senate Session, Part 2
    This program does not yet have a summary.

  • Secretary of State Kerry on Nuclear Deal with Iran
    Secretaryof State John Kerry testifie about the recent nuclear deal with Iran. 

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