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Latest Science News -- ScienceDaily

Latest Science News -- ScienceDaily
  • Turning the volume of gene expression up and down
    Gene expression in a fruit fly embryo can be accurately and predictably tuned, new research shows. This study has important implications in cellular and developmental biology, with potential applications in stem cell reprogramming and regenerative medicine.

  • New target, potential treatment found for unhealthy levels of fat that can occur in type 1 diabetes
    Researchers have new insight into the complex interchange that can raise blood levels of unhealthy lipids, or fat, in type 1 diabetes, and early evidence that a drug under study to block cancer cell growth can restore healthier levels.

  • Kitchen skills are highly dependent on level of income and children living at home
    Our knowledge of food and our kitchen skills are highly dependent on our level of income and on whether we have children living at home, say investigators at the conclusion of their study in Denmark.

  • New type 2 diabetes biomarker identified
    Type 2 diabetes accounts for around 90 percent of diabetes cases as well as being one of the major cardiovascular risk factors. Researchers have found an epigenetic mechanism implicated in the regulation of blood sugar. The results of this work could help identify patients at risk of developing diabetes, control treatment response, and generate possible future therapies for this disease.

  • Oregano may reduce methane in cow burps
    A new research project aims to reduce methane emissions from dairy cows by up to 25 per cent. This benefits not only the environment, but also arable farmers and milk producers, and it uses one key ingredient: oregano.

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