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Latest Science News -- ScienceDaily

Latest Science News -- ScienceDaily
  • Dead-easy test to tackle parasites
    Science has a new weapon in the global war against parasitic worms that kill hundreds of thousands or people annually: xWORM. While testing various drugs, parasitologists spend interminable hours staring down microscopes, checking whether the worms are dead or alive after being exposed to the drug. xWORM uses existing lab equipment in a new way to provide fast and accurate wiggle counts.

  • Lower survival rates in women with breast cancer diagnosed with depression
    Women with breast cancer who subsequently had a recorded diagnosis of depression had a 45% higher risk of death from all causes, according to a study. The researchers suggest this finding could help to target and support those women most at risk of depression.

  • Discovery of an embryonic switch for cancer stem cell generation
    Decreases in a specific group of proteins trigger changes in the cancer microenvironment that accelerate growth and development of therapy-resistant cancer stem cells (CSCs), a team of researchers has found.

  • Genetic study of patients with inflammatory bowel disease could lead to better treatments
    Genetic variation in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) appears to play a major role in determining how sick they will become and could provide a road map for more effective treatments.

  • Global warming may affect pesticide effectiveness
    The effectiveness of permethrin, an important mosquito-fighting insecticide, may be impaired by global warming, according to a recent study. People involved in mosquito-control efforts should take temperature into account when choosing a pest-control product.

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